Who is Kayla Nicole Jones? Nicole Tv is a meme-turned-influencer

Last year, a viral video of a girl looking up and down at the camera turned into a meme.

The short clip, which first went viral in September 2019, is used to convey a sense of “are you serious?” — and there have been roughly a zillion different takes on it.

The woman behind the meme, Kayla Nicole Jones, is also known as Nicole Tv, and she’s had quite the year. Here’s what we know about her.

Who is Kayla Nicole Jones?

She wasn’t totally unknown when that meme went mega-viral — not even close, in fact.

Last September, she had two million Instagram followers and the same number of YouTube subscribers.

As of October 2020, her pages have exploded with popularity — she now has 4.9 million Instagram followers and 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

She’s known for creating the kind of parody tutorials and funny videos that easily go viral, and lately, she’s been posting tons of beautiful selfies on Instagram.

How old is Kayla Nicole Jones?


Jones turned 19 years old on May 26, according to Famous Birthdays.

She posted her first video to YouTube in 2015 when she was only 13 years old.

How did Kayla Nicole Jones become famous?

She shared her first viral video to her Nicole Tv YouTube channel in 2015. “Ponytail tutorial” now has more than 19 million views.

She’s gone viral so many times since then, it’s hard to keep track of all the memes she’s responsible for. This Twitter thread has a fairly concise roundup:

Kayla Nicole Jones just gave birth to her first child.

On Oct. 15, Jones took to Instagram to announce that she was seven months pregnant.

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Girl How tf you get pregnant 🤰🏾

A post shared by Nicole Tv (@kaylanicolejones) on

Earlier this year, she also shocked her followers by announcing her engagement to an influencer named Luhkye.

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Happy family 🤎

A post shared by Kyekye (@luhkye) on

“Nicole Tv really got the bag, got a fiancé, dipped and popped back up 7 months pregnant,” one fan on Twitter wrote.

Jones opened up about the heartbreaking reason she decided to keep her pregnancy a secret in an Oct. 27 YouTube video.

“People are going to have something to say regardless … and everybody won’t be happy for you,” she said. “When I’m ready for people to talk their s*** and have their opinions on what I have going on, then I’ll let it be known, because this is me. This is mine.”

Jones added that she wanted to “enjoy her peace” as long as she could.

“Y’all know how the internet get,” she said. “Don’t be disrespectful.”

On Feb. 3, Jones shared the first photos of her newborn baby boy, Messiah Kaylon NiColby.

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