Keep everything tidy for next year with these holiday storage hacks

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Packing up and storing holiday decorations is hardly the jolliest of traditions, but it’s definitely an important one. And while you probably have a storage system in place, the new year is a perfect time to upgrade your storage methods with some clever hacks! Here are some holiday storage hacks that you’ll definitely appreciate when it’s time to decorate again next holiday season. 

1. Use a paper towel holder to store ribbon

A paper towel holder is perfect for stacking and storing unused wheels of ribbon. The best part is, once the ribbon is stacked, you can just pull and cut the ribbon directly from the holder! 

2. Use paper towel cores to keep wrapping paper rolls in place

Cut a cardboard paper towel holder in half, then cut a slit from the top to the bottom of each half, so that you can expand the holder. Use it to clamp a roll of wrapping paper to make sure nothing unravels (literally) while the wrapping paper is in storage. 

3. Store small ornaments in egg cartons 

Egg cartons are perfect for keeping small ornaments safe and secure, and you’ll thank yourself next year when you don’t have to dig through bins to find your favorite tree decorations

4. Wrap lights around a hanger to prevent tangling

No one likes kicking off the holidays by untangling a bunch of lights, so wrap your lights around a hanger to keep things stress-free and organized. 

5. Reuse wrapping paper to protect ornaments

Used wrapping paper is the gift that keeps on giving! Wrap it around your favorite ornaments and place them in a wrapping paper-filled box. This will make sure your ornaments are in good shape when next holiday season rolls around.

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