Kena: Bridge of Spirits trailer is a beautiful Pixar-like fantasy adventure

Kena: Bridge of Spirits dropped a gameplay trailer showing off how the Asian-inspired fantasy world will play and new details about the game.

The trailer features Kena, the adventurous heroine who is on a quest to reach the Sacred Mountain Shrine. Kena will encounter a colorful cast of humans and supernatural creatures as she navigates a dangerous land with trapped spirits and buried secrets.

Right off the bat, there’s one thing you’ll immediately notice: This game is gorgeous. Ember Lab, the developer behind Kena: Bridge of Souls, was first founded as an animation studio in 2009 and it shows. Kena will be the studio’s very first video game.

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Kena wields a magical staff, as seen in the trailer, which is capable of being wielded as both a quarterstaff, bow and even a shield. The cute little companions who follow her are intuitively named Rot. They’re friendly creatures that help Kena by completing small tasks or distracting enemies.

And don’t let the children’s cartoon vibe fool you. Not everything in Kena’s world is cute and cuddly. As we can see by the big bad monster at the end of the trailer, this is a game that’s going to have a bit of edge to it.

The Kena trailer has made a small but significant splash on Reddit, where it’s being excitedly discussed as the next great indie game.

“I want this game badly,” a Reddit user wrote. “I missed games like these.”

However, some users were concerned that the trailer was all flash with no substance. Despite being marketed as a gameplay trailer, most of it was actually cinematic footage and there was no UI present in the combat scenes.

“I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but gentle reminder that gameplay trailers are absolutely fraudulent until proven otherwise, especially for anticipated games,” a commenter warned.

It’s true that the game looks a bit sparse right now. But if huge, sprawling campaigns aren’t your bag, then Kena might be a good title to pick up. According to Ember Lab’s Twitter account, you should be able to finish the game from start to finish over a single weekend.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on Aug. 24, 2021.

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