Kendall Jenner called out by fans for alleged Photoshop fail

Just days after she was accused of altering behind-the-scenes photos and videos from a SKIMS shoot, Kendall Jenner is once again being called out for apparently modifying a video of herself in some lingerie.

On Feb. 23, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a video to her Instagram Story in which she is posing on the floor in a floral lingerie set. As @celebplastic, an Instagram account devoted to calling out celebrity plastic surgery and Photoshop fails, pointed out, though, Jenner’s video seems to glitch, indicating that she used a body filter.

Jenner and her sisters have been known to use Photoshop (and most of the time, rather poorly). However, while some people criticize the famous family for “promoting unrealistic body standards,” others are more sympathetic and understand that they feel forced to do so because of the constant pressure they are under.

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“This is so heartbreaking,” @celebplastic captioned the video of Jenner’s Photoshopped video. “She has one of the most toned & fit bodies I’ve ever seen and she still uses editors. It’s really sad.”

“So eye-opening but also devastating,” one person commented.

“It shows how much pressure they are under!” another added. “I would hate to be famous. You can’t breathe in peace!”

Still, many users took to social media to remind their followers not to compare themselves to the celebrities and influencers they see in their feeds — especially since most of those images are altered.

“Just saw a wild post of Kendall Jenner’s body filter glitching in a video she posted on IG. She edited her already small waist smaller to remove the natural expansion that happens when the human body sits down. Pls hardly any of these celebs&influences look like how they do on IG,” British author Bolu Babalola said.

“It is so dangerous and so sad because people are modifying their body based on these unrealistic expectations,” she added. “Of course anyone can enhance how they like but when it is based on something that literally does not exist!! It is worrisome.”

In the past, Jenner has been very candid about how growing up with “curvier” sisters made her insecure about her own body for a long time.

“My sisters are a lot curvier than me,” Kendall said in an interview with The Telegraph in 2019. “They have boobs, and I don’t have boobs. Growing up being this little twiggy girl, I saw my sisters and always thought, ‘Oh no, am I supposed to be more sexy like them?’ I almost felt like I didn’t fit in for a part of my life.”

When fans started tweeting at her explaining that her SKIMS photoshoot left them feeling insecure, she also opened up on Twitter and admitted that even she has bad days.

“I am an extremely lucky girl. Appreciative of all that I have. But I want you to know I have bad days too and that I hear you!” she said. “You are beautiful just the way you are!!! It’s not always as perfect as it may seem.”

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