Creative dad goes viral for his hilariously Photoshopped ‘fails’: ‘This gives me such anxiety’

For dad and digital creator Kenny Deuss, it all started when his girlfriend asked for a photo update to see if their baby was ok.

Deciding to lean into the world of “dad jokes,” Kenny got creative. He started sending Photoshopped pictures of their baby girl, Alix, in some kind of imaginatively dangerous situation.

He continued this trend every Tuesday while Mom was at work — and thus, “On Adventure With Dad” was born.

Realizing others might enjoy his creations, Kenny decided to upload his Photoshop work to Instagram.

That’s when sites like Reddit, Bored Panda and MyModernMet picked up Kenny’s story, launching his work into the world.

Now, many Photoshopped “fails” later, Kenny and his family are a viral sensation.

Since then, Kenny and his little girls, Alix and Aster, have made the viral rounds many times over.

“Every time the story gets picked up, I get so many positive reactions. It’s really great to hear how it affects people,” Kenny told In The Know.

“I didn’t realize my pictures could have such a big impact on some people. And I’m glad I can give them a laugh to start their day in a positive way.”

But with such a large following (over 300,000 followers on Instagram), has the pressure to create more imaginative “fails” weighed on the dad and his family?

“At this point, I don’t feel any pressure,” Kenny told In The Know.

“I have a lot more ideas to come, and there are many new pictures already taken to keep up with the weekly posts. I’m well prepared to keep up.”

Kenny continued, “I am pretty sure I can keep this up a very long time. I hope I can keep doing this until my daughters can actually help doing this themselves.”

To create his transportive photos, Kenny explains that he simply holds his baby up, then cuts himself away.

He then adds in the decorative touches and atmospheric elements necessary to complete the picture.

Some find Kenny’s work almost too convincing. “This gives me such anxiety,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments.

“I forgot this is the Dad with the crazy graphic art skills. Honestly, I’m in the ‘I could have a heart attack’ age bracket,” another user joked.

But for the most part, Kenny’s followers are all totally in on the joke and appreciate his humorous approach to parenting.

Now, Kenny is offering up his Photoshop skills to other parents wanting to get in on the joke.

“I just released my website where people can have their own photos edited,” Kenny told In the Know.

To request a Photoshopped image, Kenny has made the process incredibly easy with templates to choose from and a quick form to fill out.

“And who knows, maybe a book someday would be nice,” he added.

To keep up with Kenny, his little girls, and their hilarious Photoshop adventures, be sure to follow On Adventure With Dad on Instagram!

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