Kenny Gonzales is out to find the perfect pair of sneakers

Kenny Gonzales’ closet is a sneakerhead’s dream.

Gonzales explained to In The Know that he didn’t grow up with a lot of money. He was “spoiled with love,” but not material possessions. In 1992, his late brother gave Gonzales his first two pairs of Jordans — “one to rock and one to stock.”

“‘Too many,’ is how many I have now,” Gonzales laughed. “Over 2,500 shoes.”

While there are a couple of shoes Gonzales buys solely to collect, the majority of his collection actually fits him.

“Each shoe is specifically made for a certain reason,” he said. “I geek out on some of those reasons.”

Gonzales can explain who makes the shoes, detail the process and even point out minuscule details like the stitching. He’ll do anything to get his hands on a coveted pair and has even gone as far as flown people from other countries to bring him sneakers.

“There’s no one more dedicated than me, I promise you,” Gonzales said. “I will go anywhere just to go get the shoes.”

Gonzales has no plans to slow down or stop. It’s not about outshining other collectors or impressing anyone, it’s truly all about the quality and the story behind these shoes for Gonzales.

“Collect what you like, buy what you like, show what you like,” he said. “As long as there’s passion behind what you do, I’m with it.”

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