Keurig finally created an iced coffee maker — and iced latte lovers say it’s so good, it’s ‘straight magic’

Keurig is hands down one of the most popular and reliable coffee maker brands in the world. It’s made brewing your own expertly blended cup as easy as popping in a pod and pressing a button. There’s one limitation, though. Its machines brew hot coffee drinks for the most part, with a few models having an “iced” function that shoppers say works pretty unreliably.

Now, it seems like Keurig’s mastered the feature so expertly that it’s released a dedicated iced coffee maker, and everyone’s freaking out.

Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Iced Coffee Maker, $99.99

Credit: Amazon

Just in time for the warmer months, Keurig launched the K-Iced Coffee Maker to allow its customers to make their own favorite iced coffee drinks at home without spending a ton on watered-down iced coffee from chain shops.

The machine makes full-flavored coffee in the way Keurig became beloved over the years — with its best-selling pods.

To produce the most vibrant and balanced iced coffee taste, the K-Iced automatically adjusts your brew temperature, starting hotter to extract the full flavor from the pods before cooling down to minimize ice melt.

And when you’re ready to use the iced function, simply press the blue Brew Over Ice button on the machine. Also, as with all of Keurig’s newer models, you’re able to adjust the coffee strength with the Strong Brew setting.

When brewing, choose from three cup sizes — 8-, 10- and 12-ounce (for iced coffee, including ice). The 42-ounce removable reservoir also lets you enjoy multiple cups between refills.

Though the K-Iced Coffee Maker recently released, shoppers are also already raving about the brand finally getting the iced feature perfect with this one.

“[The] iced feature works well!” one shopper wrote. “Keurig should give their engineers a raise because that brew-over-ice feature is straight magic.”

The Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker currently comes in gray (pictured above) and white.

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