TikToker’s trippy videos freak out viewers: ‘My brain is falling in pieces after this’

Kevin Vega Sanchez is an influencer and visual SFX artist. 

The 24-year-old resides in Texas — or possibly another dimension if you’ve seen his TikToks. Sanchez creates trippy special effect videos shot in his backyard and his work tends to turn reality on its head. What appears to be one thing usually is another. 

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Take one of his most popular videos for example. It’s shot from Sanchez’s perspective.

First, his hand became a gigantic structure. Sanchez then pulled at the huge hand only to break a finger off which then mutated into a tree log. Next, the tree log transformed into a ball. Finally, the camera pointed toward Sanchez’s house and when he reached his hand out he lifted the home to reveal it was a slab of wood. 

It’s no wonder the clip racked up over 23.8 million views. 

“My brain is falling in pieces after this,” one user commented.

“My brain literally said: no,” another wrote

“This is too much for me,” someone added

Sanchez has been working with SFX since high school, but only working in this particular style, known as datamoshing and Data Glitch for about 8 months. 

Datamoshing is when the data of media files are manipulated and decoded to create visual and auditory effects. Whereas Data Glitch is an After Effects plugin that can create realistic digital glitches in visuals. 

While Sanchez’s work might be a bit abstract or make you feel like you’re a character in Alice in Wonderland, his inspiration is very much grounded in reality. 

“When I was 20 years old I had saved enough money to backpack Europe with a couple of friends. This was truly eye-opening, I got to meet the [kindest] and most inspiring people,” Sanchez told In The Know. “I got the inspiration [for the TikToks] from a few different influences from my friend group [and the] music we listened to.”

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