Stomach-churning video shows all the grime lurking in your keyboard right now

A vlogger showed how much grime accumulated in his keyboard after just one year. 

He took the keyboard apart, piece by piece, to reveal what was underneath and it wasn’t pretty. The man also gave the computer accessory a thorough cleaning using a vacuum, cotton swabs and cleaning solution. 

First, he took a photo of the keyboard so that he would know where each key belonged. Next, he used a butter knife to remove the keys. Underneath there was a ton of crumbs, dust and dirt. 

The vlogger vacuumed the base of the keyboard to start the cleaning process. He soaked the keys in a bowl of water. Then he dipped cotton swabs in a cleaning solution to clean all the nooks and crannies on the board.

Finally, he placed the keys back on using the photo as a reference. When he was finished it looked as good as new. 

While the method seemed to work in the video, Intel doesn’t recommend removing computer keys to clean them as general advice. 

“Don’t try to remove keys from the keyboard to wash them by hand — especially if you’re using a laptop. Some machines have keys that are designed to be removed for cleaning, but most do not,” the computer company said

Intel suggested using a vacuum or canned air spray to get in between the keys. For general maintenance, avoid eating and drinking around your keyboard and to gently clean the keys with screen wipes or cotton swabs. 

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