Khadi Don’s comedy videos are an internet sensation — for good reason

Khadi Don can credit Beyoncé for her big break in comedy.

The content creator and actress had been writing, editing and starring in videos for a while, but when Beyoncé played one of her parodies during a concert, Don’s following blew up.

“After that, it just took off,” she told In The Know.

Don’s videos are sarcastic, witty and unfiltered. Her inspiration is drawn from everyone around her — friends, family, strangers and especially what’s happening in the news.

Don also sees her videos as a creative outlet to deal with things in her life. For her, writing a script is like journaling.

“I got in trouble a lot, so when I was on punishment, I had a camera and that’s all I had,” she said. “It was like, OK, I definitely want to do something in art because that’s what kept me happy.”

When Don moved to Los Angeles, she spent a lot of time waiting around to get casted or join other creators’ projects. She struggled with paying rent and ultimately decided that making her own videos should be her main source of income — she just had to get serious with it.

“I was like, ‘Oh this is something I can do on my own,'” she said. “I can build my own empire.”

There’s also a deeper purpose to her work that involves her fans. Making people laugh and giving them a video or series to look forward to has become as important to Don as making money.

“[My videos] resonate with people because I feel like I’m the standout person who just doesn’t care,” she said. “If we all just, really, let our guard down and just really have fun, I feel like the world would be in a different place.”

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