Khloe Kardashian fires back at critics who say she edits her photos

Khloe Kardashian faces constant criticism over her photos — more so than her other famous sisters.

She has long been accused of heavily editing pictures, and some fans say they have proof of that.

Kardashian is clearly tired of those allegations, though, because along with her most recent post on Instagram, she uploaded the live photos alongside the stills to prove they hadn’t been edited.

Live photos are a short video feature available for the iPhone which capture the first few seconds before and after a photo is taken — which would presumably prove the photo had not been edited.

She confirmed the move in the comments of the post.

“Gotta throw in the videos cause mfzzz be hating,” one user wrote.

“Lol exactly,” Kardashian responded.

She clearly wasn’t in the mood to deal with haters that day.

“The shade of it all,” she said in response to one commenter, who said her look was “money spent well.”

Around the same time she posted the new snaps, Kardashian took to Twitter to share her thoughts on negative comments.

“I’ll never understand how bored or unhappy some people can be. I am someone who would never comment something unless it’s positive,” she wrote. “I believe in uplifting and complimenting one another. Who has the time chiiiillllldddd?! Time is precious boo. I’m spending it on happy things.”

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