Kickstarter device revolutionizes skating

Brice Jamieson is a magnet scientist from Vancouver and the inventor of Veeloo, an electric mobility device for inline skating and skateboarding.

During the lockdown, Jamieson wanted to create a tool that would give his daughter a boost while they were rollerskating together. He came up with Veelo or, as some have called it according to its Kickstarter, “half an eBike on a stick.” 

To use the Veelo, you grab your skateboard or put on your inline skates. Then hold the electric-powered wheel’s handles to steer. The Veelo wheel becomes your front wheel, while the skateboard or skates are your back wheels. 

“Veelo isn’t just what happens when you throw away 90 percent of an eBike. It’s something that moves you in a way you’ve never experienced before while still feeling familiar and natural. Riders say it’s like finding the missing piece of the puzzle,” according to Kickstarter

What’s beneficial about this, is that Veelo can be used at various ability levels. It’s designed to keep groups of people together, traveling at the same speed. Thus, Jamieson made it easy enough for a child to use. Veelo even includes a parental control feature to set speed limits. 

“The smooth acceleration and power in the Veelo’s electric motor enhance the ability that a rider already has,” the Kickstarter stated. “If you’re still learning but comfortable moving on inline, Veelo gives you the extra stability and momentum to travel over much greater distances and surfaces. If you’re an intermediate rider, Veelo unlocks the ability to cruise at speed, even uphill. If you’re an advanced rider, Veelo transforms your experience into something unlike you’ve ever felt before.”

Veelo is still just a prototype but you can support this project’s development on Kickstarter

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