Kickstarter wants to replace your measuring spoons with this simple lid

Seasoning gang, you may never have to fumble with a measuring spoon again. 

A Kickstarter is crowdsourcing funds to make CassCaps, a special lid that allows you to measure straight from the spice jar. Now you no longer have to fuss with filtering spices into a tiny, unsteady measuring spoon just to get a recipe correct.

CassCaps works by replacing your store-bought lid. Once it’s fastened on, select your preferred dose, ranging from 1/4 teaspoon to a full teaspoon. Then flip your jar over and twist, like a pepper grinder. CassCaps will only release the desired amount. 

The American-made lids are created from 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable materials. So you can definitely feel good about backing this project. CassCaps also comes with a handy conversion chart so that you know six twists set at 1/2 teaspoon equals one tablespoon. 

Most importantly, the cap is compatible with many supermarket spice brands like Penzeys, Morton & Bassett and Spice Classics. But the CassCaps do come with labels, a jar and a food-grade funnel in case the lid doesn’t fit your over-the-counter spice. 

There’s still time to back this project. Although it’s already funded over $49,000 on a modest $10,000 goal as of August 18. 

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