TikTok is weeping over how this kid mimes talking on the phone and taking a photo

One woman’s recent TikTok has millennials spiraling after reminding them just how much times have changed since they were kids.

In the video, which was posted by @abbssofsteel, the creator is in Target shopping with a friend when she begins filming. Turning to another young girl she came with, she says: “Elise, pretend you’re answering the phone.”

When the girl looks confused, the TikToker clarifies what she means, explaining that she wants the girl to gesture with her hand.

“Hello?” the little girl says while pretending to bring a cell phone to her ear.

“Now pretend you’re taking a picture,” @abbssofsteel says.

Raising one arm in the air, the little girl pretends to snap a selfie with the same pretend cell phone but clearly wonders why she’s being asked to do this.

For Gen Zers who watch the clip, they probably don’t notice that anything’s wrong. But for anyone born before 1995, the small but noteworthy hand gestures say so much about the passing of time.

That’s because millennials, Gen Xers and even baby boomers have long been making the same hand gesture for being on the phone, with the thumb and pinky finger extended, creating a pretend receiver.

And when it comes to taking a photo, we often pretend to bring a camera up to our face, peer through the viewfinder and “click” the camera button to snap a photo.

In reality, many of us have probably not picked up the receiver of a landline phone in years, nor do we take most of our photos on an analog or digital camera. But even so, watching this practice simply fade with the times is kind of mind-blowing.

“We’re old,” one person declared in the comments.

“*Cries in millennial*” wrote another.

“It hurts,” said someone else.

Others, who quickly identified themselves as Gen Zers, didn’t get what the fuss was all about.

“I don’t get it,” one person confessed.

“I’m so confused can someone explain?” added another.

And then there were those who got the joke but didn’t understand why it had so many people freaked out. Instead, they argued, it’s just the way time moves.

“it is weird to be upset by this,” one commenter wrote. “different generations use different technology. Ain’t no reason to be upset”

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