Kids are telling their parents to ‘shut up’ in the latest bone-chilling TikTok challenge

Before I start unpacking this TikTok trend, I must say that if I ever tried it, I would not be writing to you today. My parents would have either killed me or taken away my access to electronics until I turned 35.

The “Shut Up Challenge,” simply put, has young TikTok users bravely telling one of their parents to be quiet as another looks on.

Typically, a mom or dad will ask their child to do something for them like clean their room or do the laundry, and the child replies with “shut up.” They’re both in on the joke — the focus of the prank is to see how a second parent will respond to the disrespect.

A video shared by wereenistogether, the mom asked her child to clean his room, and when he refused and told her to shut up, the dad sprung into action.

“We almost lost a kid,” the video’s caption said, referencing the speed with which the jumped up, ran up the stairs and captured the “insolent” child.

In mixedboyk’s video, when the mom asked her son to clean his room and he responded by telling her to shut up, they fought for a bit in front of his stepdad … who unexpectedly sided with the child.

“I’m not playing, sometimes you just need to shut up,” the son said.

“I mean … sometimes you do,” the stepdad responded.

In a third video, which was posted by mrsirbybabe, the mom asks her daughter to get the clothes out of the dryer, and she responds with a profanity-laced rant.

The dad stands there speechless, mouth open, looking back and forth rapidly between mother and child. The mom can’t help but burst out laughing.


Excuse the language…#shutupchallenge IgaveHerPermissionToCurseThisOneTime #DaddyWasNotHappy #IAlmostPissedOnMyself 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

♬ original sound – mrsirbybabe

“How did she not die?” one user wrote in the comments.

The trend goes on and on for dozens of hilarious and slightly uncomfortable videos, and the responses have been largely positive.

Still, we can’t recommend you try this at home.

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