Mom hilariously recreates the challenges kids have getting dressed for school

This mom and comedian on TikTok made a video depicting the challenges kids have with matching clothes when getting dressed for school, and it’s hilariously relatable!

TikToker Erika Picciolo (@erikapicciolo) is a busy parent and content creator who often shares funny mom humor skits. One of Picciolo’s videos parodies the challenges that arise when kids dress themselves for school, and viewers can totally relate. 

The clip, which has over 3.5 million views, begins with a shot of Picciolo in character as her daughter, wearing a striped shirt, striped jacket, and striped pants while the words “Normal day at school” appear on-screen. 

“Alright, mom, I’m ready for school,” Picciolo says, slinging a backpack over her shoulder. 

“Wow! Whatcha got on there?” Picciolo, in character as a mom, asks off-camera. Taken aback, Picciolo looks down at her outfit self-consciously. 

“What? You always say that something in the top has to match something in the bottom,” Picciolo says as her daughter. 

“This is like perfectly matching. I even found the perfect shirt,” she continues before opening her jacket to reveal a striped shirt. 

“It’s just a few too many stripes,” mom Picciolo responds off-camera, prompting kid Picciolo to let out a big, “Ughhhhh,” before marching off in frustration. 

As the text “2 minutes later” appears on-screen, Picciolo returns wearing a bright red shirt with matching pants. 

“There, ya happy? Let’s go,” kid Picciolo says, walking off-camera, to which her mom character frantically responds, “Ughh, uhh wait, wait!” 

The words “Mismatch day at school” appear over the following footage. 

“Alright, mom, get ready. You ready to laugh?” kid Picciolo says excitedly before jumping in the frame to reveal her “mismatched” yellow shirt with blue jeans ensemble. 

“Look at this! There’s like no yellow AT ALL in my pants,” she says, gesturing to her basic attire. 

“Oh my gosh, this is going to be hilarious! Let’s go,” kid Picciolo says, walking off-camera before the video ends. 

Picciolo’s relatable skit struck a chord with viewers. 

“But how did you hear the exact conversations with my kids?” one parent playfully asked. 

“Matching is why I went through a phase where I only wore dresses,” shared one TikToker. 

“Dude, this was me… Ok, it’s still me, but still,” one user joked. 

Considering people of all ages struggle to match clothing, it’s no wonder why viewers related so closely to Picciolo’s video.

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