Kids say the darndest things on live TV

Working from home and homeschooling kids simultaneously can be a lot of juggling (which explains the influx of parents dropping $150,000 to send their kids to a summer camp in Switzerland.)

The juggling act was on full display on British TV on July 1, when two kids interrupted their respective mothers during live broadcasts. No one is as brazen and bold as a child under the age of 8.

On BBC News, a woman was being interviewed about lockdowns and public health at the same exact time her young daughter decided she needed to redecorate the background. Once she was done, the daughter then climbed on top of her mom, who was still broadcasting live.

The BBC host plays along and asks for the little girl’s name, to which her mom responds, “Scarlett.” Scarlett, obviously a social butterfly, shouted, “What’s his name, mummy!”

Within a few minutes of Scarlett’s breakout debut on BBC, another child interrupted his mom’s interview with Sky News. This time, a little boy burst into the room where his mom was broadcasting and asked if he could have “two biscuits.”

It’s debatable whether it was the pressure of being on live TV or whether her son actually deserved to have “two biscuits,” but the mom said, “Yes, you can have two biscuits” before apologizing to the Sky News anchor. The clip that’s been circulating on Twitter did not include footage of whether the son actually got his hands on two biscuits.

Live British news is familiar with incidents like these. The possible first viral instance of someone’s kid interrupting a broadcast spawned “BBC dad” in 2017. Luckily he had his wife on standby who quickly slid into the room to grab the two kids before they could introduce themselves to the BBC anchor or ask their dad for cookies.

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