Kids’ fully-functional ‘Transformers’ costumes stun TikTok: ‘Do they have these in adult sizes?’

Footage of three kids dressed in stunningly realistic and fully functional “Transformers” costumes is stunning TikTokers — and inspiring families for Halloween!

Posted by the TikTok account @overtime, but originally recorded and shared by cosplayer Robby Eccleshall (@robeccleshall), the impressive costumes have gone viral many times over!


Still the best Halloween costume ever 🤯 #HappyHalloween #halloween #costume #cute #shoutoutot (via @robeccleshall)

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But the true mastermind behind the hyper-realistic costumes is actually a creative dad named Mark who loves making elaborate costumes for his sons, Jasper and Mozaik.

Mark and his boys — known online as @transformerskids — are passionate about cosplaying as their favorite “Transformers” characters.

In the original video, taken in 2018 at a cosplaying event, the boys went viral for their depictions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream.

Since then, Jasper and Mozaik stunned the world as Nemesis Prime, an Amtrak train/conductor, and their own clever creation, OptiMusk Prime — a riff on Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk.

And while Mark’s ingenious costumes look like they’re made of expensive and complicated material, they’re actually constructed using everyday items — and they cost less than store-bought costumes!

“They are made mostly from cardboard and polypropylene strapping for the hinges,” said Mark. “The cardboard we get for free from the local grocery store, and we also use wooden paint ‘stir sticks’ (also free) for reinforcement…”

Mark continued, “Excluding matching shoes, each costume costs about $30 to make … that includes paint, material for clothing, and building supplies.”

For those interested in how Mark puts together his elaborate costumes, his YouTube channel is full of step-by-step videos documenting his process.

‘Where were these when I was young?!’

Thousands of TikTokers from around the world responded to @overtime‘s now-viral footage.

“That’s awesome and very creative,” one user wrote.

“Not me 23 years old still thinking of doing this,” another TikToker joked.

“Holy crap this is so cool,” one user commented.

“Do they make these in adult sizes?” a would-be customer inquired.

“Where were these when I was young?!” cried another user.

“Best costumes I’ve seen in a while,” observed another.

Hopefully, Mark and his boys will continue to stun the world with their incredible creativity and inspire us all for many Halloweens to come!

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