Kids will love these back-to-school cookie notes

These creative cookie notes are the perfect way to celebrate your child’s first day of school!

Corianne (@coriannescustomcookies) is a TikToker who shares creative baking and cookie-decorating videos on TikTok. Corianne makes cookies for all occasions, whether she’s baking snowman cookies to celebrate winter, spiders and bats for Halloween or egg and toast-shaped cookies in honor of the most important meal of the day. 

In one particularly sweet video, Corianne even shared a cookie that’s perfect for anyone with school-aged kids.

In the video, Corianne shows how to make school notebook-inspired cookies that can be customized with any message you want. The cookies make a great first day of school treat or a fun lunchbox surprise for any school day.

Corianne starts with a heart-shaped sugar cookie coated with white royal icing as her canvas. Using a red edible marker, she draws a vertical line down the left side of the cookie. Then she draws horizontal lines across the cookie with a blue edible marker, making sure each line is an equal distance apart. When she finishes drawing, the cookie looks just like a piece of lined notebook paper!

Finally, Corianne adds messages to the cookies, using a black edible marker. On one cookie, she writes, “Wash your hands!” On another, she writes, “Eat the fruit that I packed for you!” And on still another, she writes perhaps the most important message of all: “Be kind to others!”

‘Super cute!’

Viewers were impressed with Corianne’s creative cookie idea and shared their appreciation in the comments section.

“Super cute!” one viewer wrote.

“You’re amazing,” another TikToker commented.

Corianne’s cookie notes are a creative way to send your child to school with important reminders or messages. After all, what’s more attention-grabbing than a cookie? They’re also a sweet way to remind your child that you love them!

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