Former ‘Bachelor’ contestant says she was ‘bamboozled’ into crying on national TV

Members of Bachelor Nation didn’t have much time to get to know Kimberly Vick, then Kimberly Sullivan, on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor in 2010 — she went home on night one.

She’s now a bona fide social media star who calls herself the “world’s okayest Bachelor commentator,” and she’s sharing her behind-the-scenes secrets.

Vick said she got involved with the show because her friend nominated her, and she then spent months going through the casting process.

In one of her first videos, she said she was “bamboozled by Bachelor producers.”

Over the five-month casting process, Vick said producers “really get to know you and ask you everything about yourself.”

“Because I was 23 and a little bit naive, I pretty much divulged every little detail about my life,” she said in her post. “And that’s what they used to make me cry at the end of the night.”

“They really know what they’re doing … I truly felt like I was talking to a friend,” she continued in the following video.

On night one, though, she found herself “begging” for one-on-one time with Pavelka.

“Basically all night long they’re trying to pin the girls against each other. And they would ask you questions like ‘What did you think about how she reacted to that?’ or ‘How do you like her outfit?’” she explained in a third video.

She claimed in a fourth video that she ultimately did not get that solo time with her love interest, so she was eliminated on the first night.

In her exit interview, she kept repeating that it was what was “meant to be” — until they brought up her trauma from the past that she mentioned when producers were probing her about her personal life.

“They did not like that. They kept prying and finally they said, ‘I mean your dad had an affair and your best friend killed herself so this is just one more thing you can add to your list of disappointments,'” Vick claimed.

She has posted several more videos answering questions from fans about the whole process.

In her most viral video to date, which has more than 1 million views, Vick explained that the Bachelor himself couldn’t remember all the girls’ names for the rose ceremony, so he had to keep walking away to be fed names by producers.


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She said that when the rose ceremony finally ends at 6 or 7 in the morning, that’s when producer exit interviews begin.

“They basically keep you there until you say what they want you to say,” she claimed. “And then they show that on the air. And then you cry about it.”

Commenters showed their support for Vick.

“Reality TV is pure evil,” one user said.

“I can hear the trauma in your voice,” another said.

Vick said she’d continue sharing more information for her fans in coming videos.

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