What does ‘kin’ mean on TikTok? The term comes from anime

The anime community is big on TikTok, so you may have seen some of this fandom’s slang. 

The term “kin” has been going viral on social media thanks to these diehard fans. Here’s what it means. 

What does kin mean on TikTok? 

When fans use the word “kin” they are expressing connection and affection toward an anime character. It can be considered a substitute for “like” or “love” as in, “I kin Goku from Dragon Ball Z.” 

It can also be used to describe the person’s relationship toward the character such as, “Goku is my kin.” 

Sometimes they will even refer to themselves as a “kinnie” the same way someone might refer to themselves as a fan or stan. 

The hashtag #kin on TikTok currently has over 224.1 million views. 

One example of how “kin” can be used is when TikToker @coffeedependant made a video to roast some characters she definitely does not kin for the most part. 

“If you kin these characters, what’s it like being unstable?” the caption read

Some examples of kin on TikTok:

In one video, @lans.bans, a Hori-san to Miyamura-kun kinnie, asked her followers to name a scene that “made you kin a character.”

But @jirxu lamented how hard and lonely it was being a Yamaguchi kinnie. 

Mika, a.k.a. @mikatsukitty, shared how happy it made her when “they kin the character everybody ships your kin with.” 

“I automatically crush on them when their kin is shipped with mine,” one person commented.

“It’s literally like they’re perfect for you, so obviously you get attached,” another said

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