Kind woman helps transgender neighbor purchase chest binder

A woman is going viral on Twitter after sharing the moving note her transgender neighbor left for her on her door.

On June 15, Twitter user HeatherD13 posted photos of the handwritten note her neighbor, a “transgender dude,” left for her on Sunday, June 14.

“So this was left on my door Sunday,” HeatherD13 wrote. “Try not to cry as I was in tears.”

In the note, HeatherD13’s neighbor says that since he noticed Pride flags in HeatherD13’s lawn, he figured they were an ally and could therefore be confided in.

“I’m a transgender dude, but my parents aren’t exactly accepting,” he wrote. “I desperately want to get a chest binder, but I can’t exactly have one sent to my house. I was wondering if I could have one sent here. You wouldn’t have to do anything apart from letting me pick it up.”

(In case you’re unfamiliar, a chest binder is a compression undergarment used by transgender males to flatten their breasts.)

“I understanding that this [is] a lot to ask, and I don’t want you to feel pressured if you are not comfortable with it,” he continued. “However, if you could even consider helping me out, you can email me at [redacted].”

Of course, HeatherD13 “immediately said yes.” Not only that, but since the note went viral with more than 176,000 likes, she has even started collecting funds to help her neighbor “buy a binder or several, clothing, whatever.”

Many people were moved both by the note and by HeatherD13’s willingness to help him out.

“I’m buying a pride flag bc of this story,” one person said. “Although I’m not a member of the LGBTQ community, I want to be an ally in every way I can, and if raising that flag helps one person know that even just one person accepts them for who they are, its worth it to me.”

“They must have agonized over that letter for days,” another user wrote. “Glad they could count on you.”

“You did a good thing,” actor Dan Levy added. “Thanks for sharing.”

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