TikTokers just discovered there’s an entire restaurant dedicated to King’s Hawaiian rolls

For many users on TikTok, the King’s Hawaiian restaurant in Torrance, Calif., is a totally new discovery.

Although, in fact, the restaurant opened in 1988, it has remained something of a well-kept local secret. Thanks to a TikToker named Celine Linarte (@celinelinarte), however, that’s all changing.

Linarte’s viral video shows what it’s like to eat at the dine-in bakery, which is operated by the company famous for its small, sugary Hawaiian rolls. Of the 3.6 million TikTokers who watched her clip, many said they had no idea the restaurant existed.

The video’s popularity is in line with an ongoing trend on the app, where users share their state’s “secret” restaurants.

In one instance, TikTokers in Fayetteville, Ga., revealed their local Hawaiian-themed Chick-fil-A, which features its own menu and Tiki-inspired decorations. In another, a TikToker in California gave a tour of a seaside Taco Bell, which viewers immediately deemed the chain’s “fanciest” location.

Linarte’s video took a similar approach. Her footage shows an incredible spread at the restaurant — plus plenty of fresh Hawaiian rolls.

Her video starts by showing the interior of the restaurant, with Hawaiian-themed decor and a giant pineapple in the entrance.

Then, Linarte highlighted the food, including the tempting Hawaiian lunch and breakfast options, all of which come with a basket of rolls. She also showed the restaurant’s bakery, which features colorful cakes, different types of King’s Hawaiian bread and its mochi donuts, which she highly recommends.

TikTok users were completely blown away by the eatery.

“Heaven does exist,” one user wrote.

“I just passed this place last week i never knew it existed either,” another added.

“Noooooo please don’t make this place more popular,” one commenter wrote. “The wait is long enough!”

As it turns out, there are actually two King’s Hawaiian restaurants. The second, which is more focused on bakery items, is also in Torrance.

Both locations hark back to King’s Hawaiian origins. The company was originally founded in the 1950s as a stand-alone bakery in Hilo, Hawaii.

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