Kirrin Finch makes androgynous suits designed for female, trans and nonbinary bodies

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Menswear isn’t just for men! Fashion brand Kirrin Finch wants to challenge the gender binary with style. Their menswear-inspired suits are designed to fit a diverse array of bodies and allow people to express their truest selves. On this episode of Pink Money, host Teraj (@teraj08) sits down with Kelly Sanders Moffat to talk about her brand, Kirrin Finch (@kirrinfinch), and her dream of making menswear-inspired fashion available to all!

Kelly was inspired to start Kirrin Finch while planning her wedding to Laura Moffat, who would become the fashion brand’s cofounder. “We were sitting there, we were excited about this big day, we were planning for it, and all of a sudden we were like, ‘Wow, what are we going to wear?’” Kelly tells Teraj. “It was this ‘Ah Ha’ moment of really wanting to present ourselves in a way that made us feel right, and then I wondered if other people want this.”

Kelly and Laura began working with designers to come up with unique clothing that would appeal to their customer base. “We spent a lot of time really working with our pattern-makers and talking to folks about what it was that they needed and wanted,” Kelly recalls. “We were able to produce something that really, truly is what our customer wants and needs.”

Now, the company sells a wide range of stylish suits, dress shirts, and button-downs. Many of their fashion offerings feature vibrant patterns designed to make the wearer feel special, and help them express themselves. “I think that we see a lot of these kinds of fun, funky details,” Kelly says. “We spent a lot of time thinking about the linings that go into our suits, fun prints, all these… [designs] for you to stand out and be special.”

But Kirrin Finch doesn’t just design unique clothing. They also make it their mission to give back to the LGBTQIA+ community. “We’ve supported a lot of different organizations throughout the trajectory of our business: folks like HRC, Ali Forney, [and] PFLAG,” Kelly tells Teraj. “This year, we made a commitment to donating one percent of all of our annual sales towards LGBTQ+ community organizations.”

When coming up with the name for their company, Kelly and Laura drew inspiration from the world of literature. “It’s actually named after two tomboys in literature. Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, and Laura my business partner, and also my wife, she grew up in Scotland and one of the series that they grew up reading [had a character named] Georgina Kirrin,” Kelly explains. “So we combined those two names together to create a fictional character.”

Kelly tells Teraj that things are just getting started for Kirrin Finch. The brand has a wide range of exciting new designs in the works! “We’ve got a whole bunch of new linen suits that are coming out in a few weeks for the summer,” she says. “And my personal favorite, we’ve got two four-and-a-half-year-old twins, so we’ve just launched a ‘Mini Me’ line, which is just these little itty bitty shirts for itty bitty folks.”

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