Husband who wanted a baby for over a year finds positive pregnancy test in kitchen drawer: ‘What a beautiful reaction’

A husband who dreamt of becoming a father finally had his prayers answered — and the emotional footage is going viral!

Mom-to-be and TikToker @chelella gained over 6 million views and 3,500 comments when she shared the touching video online.

Now, just like the dad who brought TikTok to tears when he held his newborn son for the first time, this hubby’s sweet reaction is pulling heartstrings all across the internet.

In the video, the expecting mom reveals what’s hiding inside one of their kitchen drawers: a message board that reads “Hey Dad! October 2021!” alongside positive pregnancy tests and some little baby booties.

She explains that her husband had been wanting a baby for over a year, and tells her every day how much he wants to be a dad.

After finally deciding to try for a baby, the couple succeeded in conceiving — unbeknownst to Dad!

The second he discovers the exciting news, the emotion is written all over his face — bringing all of TikTok to tears!

This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen this year…’

Thousands of emotional comments came pouring in.

“I did not stop smiling this entire video. I’m too excited for y’all, omg omg!” one user wrote.

“This was one of the best things I’ve seen on TikTok,” another user commented.

“It’s fine. I’m not sobbing after watching this 10 times or anything,” one weepy viewer shared.

“Seeing both the parents being genuinely happy makes my day! I can feel the love in this video and I’m so happy for y’all,” another comment read.

“This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen this year,” one user wrote.

“When he opens the drawer for the second time…” another user commented, crying emojis in tow.

While the happy couple haven’t yet debuted their baby on TikTok, it’s sure to receive a ton of online love the moment he or she is introduced!

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