KkCo makes fashion that’s functional, playful and thoughtfully designed

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Kara Jubin is the owner and designer of KkCo, which she describes as “an apparel brand that is neither womenswear or menswear.” In this episode of In The Know Style: Changemakers, Jubin talks about making clothing that’s both fashionable and functional, all while getting her friends involved in the creative process. 

Gender fluidity is a huge part of the brand, as Jubin feels that identifying clothing as either “for men” or “for women” is a dated concept. “I think there’s something really cool about mixing something super feminine and something super rigid and utilitarian, and having that balance of the two together,” she tells In The Know. 

A lot of KkCo’s mixing and matching comes in the form of balancing different fabrics. “The textures are from a very soft silk chiffon down to like, a really rigid cotton canvas. And I just want everything in between and just to mix it all,” explains the designer. 

Jubin also tries to balance out her work designing and producing clothes, with conscious decisions about how it impacts the environment. The designer explains that something KkCo is very focused on is “always trying to stop and think about what would make the least environmental impact and what we can constantly do better.” 

For KkCo, that means producing in Los Angeles, and producing in small quantities. “We’re very hands-on with the entire process, so we’re able to control a lot,” Jubin tells In The Know. “That means that when we’re laying out patterns, we can try to lay it out so there’s the least amount of wastage, and we save all our scraps from the cutting room floor.”

So what’s next for KkCo? Jubin says it’s getting more friends involved. “I’m really looking forward to more collaborations for the brand,” she explains. “I have these friends that have all these talents—what else can we do? Whatever it is, I just want to collaborate more and support my friends.”

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