Here’s why TikTokers are obsessed with Kmart Australia

In America, most millennials would agree that Target is superior to Kmart. In Australia, however, the opposite is true, and Kmart reigns supreme.

As TikTok user Katie Payne recently pointed out in a video, Australian Kmart “has everything.”

“My absolute favorite store in this f****** country is Kmart,” the American says. “Are you joking? It’s fantastic. The only thing it’s missing is groceries. […] This is the only shop you’ll ever need.”


I’ll never stop being so fascinated with Australia #kmartfinds

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If you’re an American who’s never had the pleasure of shopping at Kmart in Australia, let us explain: In Australia, Kmart is owned by Wesfarmers, the same conglomerate that previously owned the supermarket chain Coles and, funnily enough, owns the Australian version of Target. Both Kmart and Target in Australia are unrelated to their U.S. counterparts.

Anyway, back to Kmart. On TikTok, the store has a devout fanbase, not unlike Target in the United States.

“You don’t go to Kmart with a list. You go to Kmart and let it decide what you need,” one person joked.

“My happy place,” another added.

“Kmart is the Aussie version of Target,” a third wrote. “Kmart is wonderful.”

If you want a look inside an Australian Kmart, another TikTok user named Jordana Grace made a great video back in July featuring a tour of the big box retailer.

The store has plenty of everyday essentials, plus fun gadgets and gizmos that are hard to resists. (Think sloth-shaped planters, donut-shaped jewelry holders and fun throw pillows.)

Credit: Kmart Australia

Even the lookbooks on the Kmart Australia website are full of modern decor ideas thatincorporatetrends like organic textures, pastels and natural motifs. No wonder people are obsessed!

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can shop all of Kmart Australia’s product offerings in store or online.

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