YouTuber bakes incredibly realistic koi pond cake

Grace is a Vancouver-based baker and vlogger who goes by the handle  @petrichoro on social media. 

Last September, Grace made a stunning koi pond mousse cake. The beautiful dessert featured several koi fish, water lilies and plants in a jelly filling. The process was quite detailed and Grace hilariously lamented about its tediousness throughout her tutorial

“I poured way too many hours of my life into this, so I hope you enjoy,” Grace said

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Fortunately, the end product is as mesmerizing as watching her make the elaborate blue cake. 

To kick things off, Grace used nerikiri dough, a mixture combining sweet white bean paste, sweet rice flour and water, to make the decorations. She rolled the dough into four small balls and colored them red, orange and green. 

Next, Grace sculpted the green dough into lily pads and the red into flower petals. She used the white dough to mold three koi fish and added small pieces of orange and black dough to create the fish’s pattern. Then she combined the black and white dough to make a grey color for the pebbles and rocks of the pond. 

Grace chose a grey-colored chiffon cake as the base and used a layer of blue-colored custard for the pond water. She added the koi fish and pebbles then poured jelly, made of 25 lychee coconut jelly cups, on top so that the decorations looked suspended in the cake. Lastly, she placed the lily pads and flowers on top to finish it off. 

“And that was the full, far too complicated process of making this cake, is it worth it?” Grace joked. “I’m not sure, I’m numb at this point!” 

YouTube users commended Grace for her hard work, even if she was left dispirited from the grueling intricacies of the koi pond cake. 

“This process is so dainty and time-consuming, complete appreciation for your work,” one person wrote

“This is so beautiful, I wouldn’t be able to eat this,” another said

“The process is definitely worthwhile,” someone added.

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