Are ‘Kool-Aid pickles’ really worth the hype?

Kool-Aid pickles are everywhere on TikTok.

The bizarre food trend — which uses the classic kids drink to make colorful, ultra-sugary pickles — has users totally freaking out.

Many are freaking out in a good way. Plenty of TikTokers — like user @yeaimtiffare going viral for sharing their extremely positive reactions to the recipe.

“Don’t know it ’til you try it,” @yeaimtiff captioned her video, which now has over 3.4 million views.

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There are countless other examples on both TikTok and in the real world. In fact, Walmart has even started selling pickles with a Kool-Aid-esque flavor.

To this editor, the hysteria seems a little over the top. How could Kool-Aid pickles actually taste good? To find out, we decided to make some ourselves.

To see what happened, keep reading below or watch the video above.

How to make Kool-Aid pickles

Thankfully, this recipe is extremely easy. All you need are a few simple ingredients.

  • Store-bought dill pickles
  • Kool-Aid powder (whatever flavor you like best)
  • White sugar

To start, remove all of the pickles from your store-bought jar and place them aside. Then, add one packet of Kool-Aid powder to your pickle juice (we used sugar-free Kool-Aid for our recipe, but it’s better with the real thing). Next, add a half-cup of sugar to your juice and place the pickles back in the jar.

Then, wait! We let our pickles sit for five days, but you do as little as two or three if needed.

That said, we could’ve waited longer. Trying these things was not a great experience. The pickles looked strange and unnatural, and the flavor was way too sweet for a pickled veggie. Some more Kool-Aid-inclined home chefs might like these, but for us, it was a big “no.”

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