TikTok’s latest fast-food hack is ordering ‘Korean iced coffee’ from McDonald’s

A “Korean iced coffeetrick is TikTok’s latest, greatest fast-food hack.

The “secret” McDonald’s order, which involves dropping an ice cream cone into your iced coffee, is just the latest hack to go viral on the app. In recent months, users have shared their tricks for turning Big Macs into tacos, making “homemade” Chipotle dressing and custom-ordering one of Taco Bell’s most famous discontinued items.

According to PopSugar, the Korean iced coffee trick started gaining steam in April. But, it really took off in July, when creators started gaining millions of views just for trying the hack.

User @foodwithmichel was one of those creators. In a clip that now has almost 3 million views, the Los Angeles-bassed TikToker drove up to McDonald’s and gave Korean iced coffee a shot.


Korean Iced Coffee Trick?! ##mcdonalds ##koreanicedcoffee ##affogato ##summer

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In the clip, @foodwithmichel and a friend ordered a large iced coffee and a cone of vanilla ice cream. Then, they plopped the ice cream straight into the drink and started mixing.

Their review — that the mixture is just sweet enough — seems to be a common response. On TikTok, the #KoreanIcedCoffee hashtag has more than 4.4. million views. Many of those users seem to agree that the drink is a perfect mixture of sugary and refreshing.

So, where did the trend come from? According to Taste of Home, the drink partly traces back to Bassett Espresso, a popular coffee shop in South Korea. As a result, some users have dubbed the drink “The McBassett.”

Other TikTokers have claimed that the trend has origins in the Philippines, where McDonald’s sells coke floats.

“Y’all didn’t know about these?” one user commented on @foodwithmichael’s clip.

“I had this in the Philippines,” another added.

As with so many TikTok trends, it’s hard to say for sure where this started. But it’s clear many users are excited to try it.

“Gotta try this,” one commenter wrote.

“Bomb,” another added.

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