Resurfaced Kourtney Kardashian interview is so awkward

A resurfaced 2016 interview with Kourtney Kardashian is making the rounds on TikTok because of how awkward it is.

The Kardashians always seem to be in the news cycle for something, whether it be over Photoshop accusations, their PR team trying to scrub photos off the internet or times when they seem almost relatable.

This time, the eldest of the Kardashian family, Kourtney, is in the spotlight. TikToker _m0_g is one of the many users who uploaded the awkward resurfaced interview recently, and since posting it in April, it’s racked up over 4 million views.

“Kourtney was in an interview, right,” _m0_g narrated before playing the interview. “They asked her a question she didn’t feel comfortable answering. So, instead of acting like a normal adult and saying she didn’t feel like answering it, she acted like her camera is frozen.”

In the original interview, Australia daytime talk show hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger had asked Kardashian, “How is Kim doing?”

Around the time the interview was happening, her sister Kim was recovering from her infamous robbery incident in Paris.

After the question was asked, Kardashian seemed to freeze and ignore the question before starting to speak to staff behind her camera.

“Hello, Kourtney? Have we lost you?” Campbell asked.

“Alright,” Kruger interrupted. “It looks like Kourtney doesn’t really want to go there with that question.”

“I think she’s totally blanking me on that question!” Campbell said. “She could just say her sister is fine!”

Kardashian still sat stoically, but as Campbell and _m0_g pointed out, if she was pretending to be frozen, she wasn’t doing a very good job.

“While she’s acting like she’s frozen, bro, she starts blinking,” _m0_g laughed. “You could’ve definitely pulled it off better than that.”

According to a full clip of the interview shared by Entertainment Tonight, after returning from commercial break, Campbell apologized to Kardashian before continuing on with the interview.

“Something happened in the studio and we sort of lost contact with Kourtney,” he said. “We are happy to say she’s still here.”

“She really tried leaving them on read in real life,” one TikTok commenter joked.

“I couldn’t even watch,” another added. “I can’t take the second-hand embarrassment.”

“I thought that was a glitch,” someone else said.

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