Here’s what happens when college admissions calls and gets your Kourtney Kardashian voicemail greeting

Here’s a helpful tidbit: When there’s even the tiniest possibility that you could receive an important phone call, remember what you have as your voicemail greeting.

TikTok user @its.aisss recently learned this lesson, sharing a video documenting what happened when she forgot she had a Kourtney Kardashian impression saved as her voicemail — and missed a call from one of the universities she applied to.

“Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day,” a rep for West Virginia University says after hearing the greeting. “And also I love the Kourtney Kardashian impression in your voicemail.”

Lucky for all of us, @its.aisss shares the voicemail in question — a spot-on impression of the celeb by comedian and TikToker Andrea Lopez.

“I’m just so busy and I cannot come to the phone right now,” Faux Kourt stresses in the voicemail. “Literally don’t even leave a voicemail. I’m not going to check it. A, B, C, D, E, F, G — I have to go.”


thought id share my embarrassment of the day, this only happens to my dumbass

♬ original sound – ais✨

“Thought I’d share my embarrassment of the day,” @its.aisss captioned the clip. “This only happens to my dumba**.”

As it should be, fellow TikTokers absolutely loved the greeting (and the impression), which featured significant vocal fry and signature Kardashian drawls. 

“You’re iconic, babe,” one user added. “Don’t ever change.”

Not only did Faux Kourtney receive her well-deserved props, but so did the college admission rep who is a certified “cultured queen.”

“She passed the vibe check,” one TikTok user commented about the admissions representative.

“At least the admissions lady is a cultured queen and knows what you were trying to do,” another added. “Perfect university for you.”

Even West Virginia University’s TikTok commented on the post, saying “You basically have to come here now. It was meant to be.”

Well, that’s one way to be memorable in your college admissions journey.

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