Kraft’s new pumpkin spice mac and cheese has people asking … ‘why?’

It’s officially pumpkin spice season.

Usually, this time of year arrives with changing leaves or Starbucks unveiling its fall drink lineup. This year, though, it’s something a little … different.

Kraft Foods, basically the Kleenex of mac and cheese brands, has announced a new fall-themed flavor: pumpkin spice. Naturally, the new item has sparked some mixed feelings online.

The snack, which comes with dry macaroni noodles, cheese sauce and a packet of pumpkin spice flavoring, is pretty hard to get at the moment. Kraft claims it’s only produced 1,000 boxes, which are only available through a giveaway with an ever-growing waitlist.

While plenty of social media users have criticized the “disgusting” idea, it seems like others are dying to try it. The item was originally only available in Canada, but now Kraft has announced a new sweepstake for American customers.

The company’s Twitter poll announcing the new item only featured three feedback choices — all of which were pretty positive. That doesn’t seem to tell the full story though.

Plenty of Twitter users seem totally turned off by the idea, using the opportunity to question if pumpkin spice has finally gone too far.

“Sounds totally disgusting! Why not do pickle flavor while you’re at it,” one user wrote.

“Who in their right f****** mind would eat this?” another asked.

“Is this a joke? You’ve gone too far Kraft,” another added.

Others were much more positive. A few users suggested they’d try the product, which reportedly comes with a coffee mug.

“We’ll see about this. Maybe I’ll just get one of my friends to be the guinea pig for me,” one user joked.

“If I were drunk, I’d eat it,” another wrote.

If you’re curious enough to try ordering some, here’s the link to Kraft’s U.S.-based sweepstake.

Check out In The Know’s video on one of us trying another controversial food item: the “Red Bull Italian Soda.”

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