Kylie Jenner responds to TikTok story accusing her of bullying

Kylie Jenner has denied claims that she bullied a model who was hired in 2015 to dance in Tyga’s “Ice Cream Man” music video.

TikToks about celebrity interactions tend to gain traction on the platform. While some of these stories are actually very sweet, Victoria Vanna claims her experience with Kylie Jenner and her former best friend Jordyn Woods was anything but positive.

Vanna took to TikTok to allege that Jenner and Woods “made fun of” her dance moves while on set and eventually made her cry. Jenner was dating rapper Tyga at the time.

Vanna said that since it had been years since the incident, she finally felt ready to share her story on social media.

“As soon as I walked out, she’s looking at me up and down, whispering and pointing and making fun of, like, how I was dancing,” Vanna said of Jenner. “And they were all, like… just making fun of me, clearly.”


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Vanna added that one of her own best friends was also on set at the time and helped her stay in the zone for filming. But at one point, however, the alleged bullying caused her to break down.

“I [was] literally full-on crying,” she recalled.

In the second part of the TikTok series, Vanna showed a clip of her performance in the final music video to further explain what the girls were supposedly mocking her for.

“I went outside,” Vanna continued, “and Kylie and all her friends went outside, too, and went to her Rolls-Royce — I remember it was a white Rolls-Royce in the parking lot — and it was like they were almost, like, following me.”

“As I was walking by, I could just hear them — inside [the car], I could see them literally pointing and laughing at me,” Vanna added. “I remember feeling my face get hot — I was, like, excited to meet her, and I just felt bullied for no reason.”

Vanna added that she holds no ill will towards Jenner. Plus, she claimed that Tyga’s friends later told her that Kylie was “just jealous” of her.

“In no way am I mad or saying this is still who she is. I’m just saying what happened to me,” Vanna concluded.

Popular Instagram account The Shade Room picked up on Vanna’s videos and shared them with its 23.6 million followers, prompting a swift response from Jenner, who denied the claims outright.

“.. this never happened,” Jenner replied to the Instagram.

So far, neither Jenner nor Vanna have made any further statement on the story.

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