Kylie Jenner gives hilarious reason for posting photo with sister Kendall during fight

Kylie Jenner will never pass up the opportunity to post a flattering photo. Never.

On March 23, the makeup mogul posted a “throwback” of her and her sister Kendall on Instagram. In the photo, both of the beauty queens look as fabulous as ever.

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throwback 🀍🀎

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On the surface, Kylie’s photo was just that: a photo. In the comments though, Kendall’s reaction to the photo told another story.

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“Aren’t we fighting” Kendall asked on Kylie’s post. In her response, Kylie didn’t deny that her and her sister were on bad terms, but her justification for posting the photo is absolutely unreal.

Credit: Instagram

Apparently, Kylie was willing to overlook the bad blood between her and her sister because “[her] titties are sitting nice” in the photo she posted. Amazing.

People on Instagram found Kylie’s response to be absolutely hilarious.

“Big Leo energy,” one person joked. Another person simply called the exchange “ICONIC.”

During these trying times, it’s nice to know that the Jenners haven’t changed one bit.

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