Kylie Jenner has her own avocado toast recipe, and of course Twitter is losing it

It feels like Kylie Jenner has a recipe for basically everything.

The 22-year-old has shared her own version of instant ramen, her take on French toast and the strange way she cuts cake.

Now, she’s tackling the millennial holy grail: avocado toast. Jenner posted her “unconventional” recipe to Instagram on July 27, and of course, her fans had plenty of strong feelings.

In her Instagram Stories, Jenner shared her full ingredients list. Most were pretty standard — sourdough bread, smashed avocado, some salt — but one ingredient seemed to take social media by surprise.

Jenner’s secret addition? Honey. The Kylie version of avocado toast apparently features a touch of sweetness — a fact that divided her fans.

Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Some Twitter users seemed to love the recipe, calling it “creative” and writing that they couldn’t wait to try it themselves.

“Kylie puts honey on avocado toast… all hail our cosmetic AND culinary queen!” one user wrote.

“Tried that new avocado toast recipe and omg it’s yummy,” another added.

“Kylie put honey on her avocado toast so i tried it, let me tell ya.. chef’s kiss,” another wrote.

Others were confused by the hype, writing that the combination is actually fairly normal (and to be fair, you can find dozens of similar recipes online).

“Kylie put honey on her avocado toast… is she cancelled?” one user joked.

“You’re shocked that she uses honey on avocado? here in brazil we eat avocado with sugar, and also drink with milk,” another wrote.

“Honey BEEN on avocado toast. fake news,” another added.

Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Some users, meanwhile, found the entire recipe pointless. A few commenters said the “secret” ingredient hardly made her avocado toast worth trying.

“Avocado on toast is a culinary skill! then spreading butter must be a masterclass trick,” one user wrote.

“Why do we care about toast??” another asked.

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