Kylie Jenner reacts to internet criticism over her shower

Kylie Jenner finally reacted to the internet’s jokes about her shower.

Jenner posted a follow-up video on Instagram after facing a wave of criticism about her shower’s water pressure this week.

In a move nobody worth $700 million has probably ever thought of doing, the beauty mogul clarified that the pink marble shower she posted on Jan. 17 was actually in her office. The shower she uses in her $35 million Holmby Hills home is much, much better.

“I keep seeing on the internet, my f****** shower,” Jenner narrates in an Instagram Story. “I posted a video of my shower at my headquarters — my offices, which I love — I think it’s an amazing shower, I have no problem with it but everyone seems to find the water pressure very concerning.”

The 23-year-old, who could post really anything and have it become national news or a meme on Twitter, shared a video of the office shower with what appeared to be very weak water pressure. Social media, naturally, lost its mind.

“This is really my shower in my house,” Jenner continues in the video.

Jenner turns the shower on from a controller across the room and sets the water temperature to her preferred temperature of 102 degrees. As a regular person with a regular shower, my first thought is how annoyed I’d be if someone else could technically control the shower temperature from outside of the shower, but maybe that’s why I’m not on the cover of Forbes.

Also, she doesn’t have any shower products? I digress.

Jenner then gives the people what they want — a close-up demonstration of the shower pressure.

“It’s amazing, thank you everyone for your concern,” she jokes in the video.

“Kylie Jenner saw us dragging her shower and came back to remind us why broke people should never laugh,” one Twitter user joked.

“I cannot believe you all made Kylie Jenner feel like she had to post a picture of her shower water pressure,” another added. “What have we all come to?”

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