TikToker warns against using Kylie Jenner’s skin care line

A lifestyle and beauty TikToker is warning her followers not to use Kylie Jenner’s eponymous skin care line after her face wash allegedly turned brown.

Influencer Patzy (@patzycrisol) claimed the face wash “shouldn’t go on your face” in the text overlay on her TikTok.

“It will probably clean your rims pretty good though,” she joked.

In the TikTok, Patzy holds up a transparent bottle with a pink top filled with what looks like reddish-brown liquid. According to the label, the cleanser retails for $24 and isn’t supposed to expire for 12 months.

But current images for the foaming face wash — on both Ulta and the Kylie Cosmetics site — show it in an opaque, pink bottle. It’s unclear when Patzy bought her version of the face wash.

Skin-care-savvy followers proposed that the color was caused by oxidization — especially since the cleanser contains vitamin C. Oxidization occurs when an ingredient degrades because it’s been exposed to light, heat or air. That’s why vitamin C-based products are usually sold in opaque containers.

Over 233,000 people have watched Patzy’s video, with commenters jumping at the chance to share their experiences with Kylie Skin products.

“I remember when I went to Ulta and saw it for the first time,” someone wrote. “I thought somebody had tampered with it by putting highlighter or iced tea in it.”

“I used mine for a few months,” another added. “Then it changed colors maybe 2/3 [times] … so I chucked it.”

“I’m shocked people still buy her stuff,” a commenter said.

In late 2020, another TikToker went viral for their review of Kylie Jenner’s cleanser. This user shared how her Kylie Skin cleanser also turned brown — it was packaged in the clear bottle, like Patzy’s — and she decided to test it out to clean her sink. Unfortunately, it worked almost too well.

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