Kylie Jenner cries over Kendall’s story about struggling with acne

Kylie and Kendall Jenner recently shared a genuinely sweet sister moment about acne in Kylie’s newest “Drunk Get Ready with Me” YouTube video.

As the sisters took shots of Kendall’s new 818 Tequila, they talked about Kendall’s struggles with acne growing up — and how it affected them both.

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“I remember the summer before 9th grade is when all my acne went crazy,” Kendall said. “I would have so much acne and I would try to do my makeup and I knew nothing about makeup at the time.”

Kendall added that her acne made her feel insecure about both starting high school and showing up to school every single day.

“Every morning we would show up to school. Dad would drop us off and we’d be walking up the stairs. I’d look at you and I’d be like, ‘Can you see my acne?'” she said.

“Kendall, you make me want to cry,” Kylie replied.

“Every day you’d say, ‘No, you look beautiful,'” Kendall said. “I knew you were lying, but I appreciated you.”

The two hugged as Kylie started getting teary, both of them still holding their fifth shots of tequila.

“I knew it was your biggest insecurity … It always made me so sad to even hear you talk about it. I’d be like, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ trying to help,” Kylie said through tears. “It makes me feel bad … When you have your own daughter you just think about this.”

“It actually shifted my day,” Kendall said, referring to Kylie’s words of encouragement every morning. “I would go into school and be like, ‘OK I’m the only one that sees it as bad as it is’ … It actually boosted my confidence.”

Kendall has been open about her acne struggles in recent years — from being the face of Proactiv to giving interviews about how “debilitating” it felt to have acne while filming a reality TV show with her famous sisters.

“Never let that s*** stop you!” she tweeted in response to a fan pointing out her breakout during a red carpet event.

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