Labor and delivery nurse has adorable way of tracking the babies she brings into the world: ‘I love my job’

This labor and delivery nurse has the cutest way of showing the number of babies she’s helped deliver!

TikToker Kaysee Wohl (@kswohl) is a labor and delivery nurse who recently posted a video in which she shares how much she loves her job, and it’s as sweet as it is creative!

The clip, which has over 3 million views and counting, begins with a shot of a wooden box. The box includes an opening at the top to put objects inside, and a clear front panel to display the contents. 

A string of baby emojis trails the words, “I love my job,” typed on-screen. This statement is followed by the description “A little insight into how being a labor and delivery nurse has been going!” written over footage of Wohl dropping pink and blue beads in the box to represent each baby born on her watch. 

As the clip carries on, Wohl accumulates more and more beads, illustrating the births of more babies, in addition to her progression as a labor and delivery nurse

By the end of the video, the box shows Wohl having delivered 13 girls and 8 boys, bringing the total of babies to 21. 

Viewers were beyond touched by Wohl’s video, and many took to the comments to share their own experiences as parents and healthcare workers. 

“I started a crochet blanket my first year of nursing! [One] line for every baby I took care of. It’s an amazing reminder and going to be over 200 lines,” shared one nurse

“I keep a wooden heart for every delivery and write the date on it. I almost have 100,” another RN mentioned. 

“These comments made me want to cry! Y’all have no idea how much [labor and delivery] nurses leave a print on us mamas,” remarked one parent, to which Wohl kindly replied, “I cherish all of my deliveries.”

In addition to being a fun project, Wohl’s bead box serves as a tangible reminder of how she’s positively impacted the lives of many families.

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