Who is Laci Mosley? New ‘iCarly’ star is a famous podcaster

Before Laci Mosley snagged her breakout roles in A Black Lady Sketch Show and the new iCarly, she was already an internet star.

Her podcast Scam Goddess, dedicated to exposing the scammers, grifters and charlatans of the world, was an instant hit. Now Mosley is taking on the role of Harper in the iCarly reboot. But her rising star has not been without its hurdles. 

She’s a new star of the iCarly reboot who faced racist abuse online after fans thought she replaced Jennette McCurdy’s character.

Mosley was cast as Harper in the upcoming iCarly reboot. Harper is Carly’s roommate and close friend in the series. This prompted an onslaught of racist attacks at Mosley, who was accused of replacing Jennette McCurdy’s character Sam from the original series. 

“My sister telling me that she saw several videos about me on TikTok being racist as f*** broke my heart,” Mosley said in a response to the attacks. “Me and my sister are 13 years apart she’s like my child and her having to see this shit broke me. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people but you need to seek help.”

A writer for the series, Franchesca Ramsey shared screenshots of the hateful comments Mosley’s character received. She also spoke out against the racist attacks. 

“Laci’s character Harper isn’t replacing Sam. No one could replace [Jennette] McCurdy or her incredible talent! But it’s both racist as hell and completely unfair to decide that Laci hasn’t earned her role especially since the show isn’t even out yet!!” Ramsey wrote on Twitter

She’s an actress and comedian who has played a number of roles.

Mosley starred in the Pop series Florida Girls, which aired for one season and appeared in Insecure, The Wedding Year and Single Parents

In 2021, she joined the cast of HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show for its second season and joined the iCarly revival along with Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress. 

She’s perhaps best known for her podcast, Scam Goddess.

Dubbed the “Scam Goddess” by The Daily Zeitgeist podcast for her fascination with high-profile fraud cases, Mosley turned her moniker into a podcast. In 2019, she launched Scam Goddess produced by Earworlf and Conan O’Brien’s company Team Coco. In the podcast, she discusses historical and recent con artists with comedic guests. Mosley has covered everything from Fyre Festival to Hilaria Baldwin’s dubious Spanish ancestry. 

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