Lady Gaga literally gave a fan the clothes off her back during a sweet encounter

During a recent encounter in Malibu, California, Lady Gaga was so moved by a fan’s story that she literally decided to give her the jacket she was wearing.

When the fan, 27-year-old Shannon McKee, saw Lady Gaga at her local market, she originally just went up to her and complimented her outfit.

“I walked in and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s a really badass jacket you got on,” McKee told Today. “And she said, ‘Thank you.’ I kind of recognized the voice, but I’m not one to really go up to celebrities.”

McKee walked away after the brief encounter, but after mulling it over a bit more, she decided to go back inside and speak to the singer a bit more.

“My best friend back in high school was a huge fan of yours. And you’re the reason he actually came out to me. And his first five tattoos are all dedicated to you and my brother just recently came out to me, too,” McKee told Gaga when she went back inside. “So I just wanted to say thank you for being such an incredible ally.”

Gaga was floored and moved by McKee’s story. According to the ranch hand, the “Poker Face” singer told her to tell her friend that she loves him. What’s more, though Gaga felt uncomfortable taking a picture so close to her home, she decided to commemorate the moment with McKee by giving her the leather jacket she admired earlier.

“As I was telling her the story about my friend, she took off her jacket and was like, ‘You loved my jacket so much. Here. It’s yours. Put it on right now. You be badass with it now.'”

Though McKee was unable to snap photos, the paparazzi still managed to capture the iconic moment.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, McKee talked about the encounter, calling Gaga “sweet and caring and compassionate.”

“I wanted to cry because it was so heartfelt in that moment,” McKee said, according to Today. “I have been a fan of hers since I was in high school. Timing is everything. I truly believe in this moment of time … it needed to happen.”

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