Lagos school teaches kids how to be street performers: ‘Simply amazing’

A driveway in Lagos has become a makeshift circus school. 

The GKB Unicycle Academy was founded by Olalekan Kuyoro in 2014. Kuyoro trains children in the art of unicycling and all of the eye-catching tricks that come with it. The teacher prefers to train young people because they pick it up faster than adults. He does so straight from his driveway with an arsenal of 18 unicycles. 

A clip from the gkb_uniacademy Instagram shows a young student training. He balances a wooden board on a tin can sitting on top of a table. While wobbling from side to side, he adds an additional metal table onto the board. Then he stands on the two boards. The boy adds another and balances on three. Then he adds another and is able to remain centered standing upon four levels. Incredible.

Another video shows the students incorporating the balance into a trick. One boy sits on another’s shoulders while he balances on a board on top of a small table. The boy sitting on the shoulders has a basket on his head. The boy carrying him uses the balance board like a catapult. He launches two bowls from one end of the board into the basket on the boy’s head. Nice shot! 

The trick shot racked up over 32,000 views on Instagram

“Simply amazing talents,” one user wrote.

“Bravo,” another said.

“Incredible guys,” one person added

GKB Unicycle Academy is a self-funded school. It enables its students to earn money from their performances, learn a skill and stay out of trouble. 

“We take a lot of kids out of the street,” Kuyoro told Reuters. “So what they are doing now is channeling their energy toward a productive thing instead of doing funny things.”

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