Georgia’s Lake Lanier is 100 percent haunted

According to TikToker J. Bailey, there are three “haunted” places you should never visit if you go to Georgia, and all three of them are Lake Lanier.

“The lake is literally full of dead bodies,” Bailey explains in the video, which generated over 1.3 million views within one week. “If that don’t scream ‘haunted,’ then I don’t know what does.”

“Please, stop going to Lake Lanier. I’m not even from Georgia and I know that,” Bailey concludes in the clip.

“My skin is crawling,” someone replied.

The story behind Lake Lanier is actually pretty eerie. The lake is located in northern Georgia about 60 miles away from Atlanta and its shoreline borders six counties, making it the largest lake in the state.

Lake Lanier was “created” in 1957. In order to flood the area to make the lake, the U.S. government displaced over 700 families and had to relocate 20 cemeteries — including the bodies.

But they didn’t manage to move all of the gravesites. Several are still submerged beneath the lake, which started the rumor that Lake Lanier is haunted. Even creepier is that most of the buildings and structures and roads that were flooded out remain intact below the water’s surface.

Around 7 million people visit Lake Lanier annually and those millions of people are swimming above an underwater ghost town.

To make matters worse, reportedly over 600 people died in the lake since it opened. The lake is 80 to 100 feet deep, which makes searching for missing bodies very difficult.

Buck Buchannon, a diver in Lake Lanier, told WGCL-TV in October 2017 that sometimes he could feel body parts in the lake. “You reach out into the dark and you feel an arm or a leg and it doesn’t move,” he described.

In terms of the bodies beneath the water, Buchannon also shared a horrifying thought: “Nobody has been able to lay them to rest. They’re on the bottom of Lanier. Hopefully you find them before they find you.”

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