Teen captures hearts with ‘Are you smarter than a preschooler?’ series

Are you smarter than a preschooler?

That’s the question that catapulted 18-year-old La’Ron Hines into TikTok fame earlier this year.

The Mississippi native, who has since moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music and acting career, has captured hearts across social media with his trivia miniseries, in which he asks students at his parents’ California preschool basic questions and captures their adorably outlandish answers.

“Where is Mount Rushmore?” Hines asks the series’ breakout star Jabria in one of his most recent videos.

“At my house, “she replies.

“At your house?” he asks, to which the child nods her head.

“You must got a big house, don’t you,” Hines jokes.


they’re back! Are you Smarter Than a Preschooler Pt 23

♬ original sound – La’Ron®🤴🏽🎤

“Ryan, what happened every time Pinnochio told a lie?” Hines asks another child in the video.

“He got a whoopin’,” Ryan replies, in all earnestness.

The video, which is part 23 in an over 30-part series (and counting!), has amassed 9.1M views since it was shared on Aug. 4. And it’s just one of the many viral hits Hines has created with the help of his parents’ young students.

The TikToker told In The Know he was first compelled to start the series after his mom requested he become more involved with her students, who clearly adore him.

“They look up to me and enjoy my frequent visits there,” Hines shared. “During my visits, I would always interact with the kids and see so many funny moments. So, one day, I decided to capture some of the moments on camera.”

Hines, who had already been creating content on TikTok for some time before launching the series, said he rewatched the hilarious clips several times before ultimately deciding they were too good to keep to himself.

After seeking consent from his own parents, Ronald and Katrina Hines, as well as the parents of all students involved, the musician uploaded his first “Are you smarter than a preschooler?” video on March 30.


are you smarter than a preschooler💀 pt 8

♬ original sound – La’Ron®🤴🏽🎤

The series inception, in which Hines simply asks several preschoolers how to spell “cat” or “dog,” has been viewed over 3.2M times alone.

“My first post went viral on several platforms and my supporters kept begging for more,” he told In The Know. “So then I decided to keep the series going.”

Now, it’s an official show Hines creates each week. 

“It has been a big hit,” he said of the series’ reception.” I get tons of emails, messages, DMs, comments, etc. from supporters in support of this series. They love it.”

Most of the episodes — including the most viral one yet, which has been viewed more than 19M times — open with the ever-charismatic Jabria, who Hines admits is a natural-born star.

“She immediately gravitated to my parents and me,” Hines told In The Know. 

In fact, the child has grown so close to the trio that she is now considered part of Hines’ family.

“We started spending more time with her after hours and on the weekend,” he recalled. “Her mom [said she] wanted my parents to be Jabria’s godparents and it went from there.”

And before you even ask, yes, Jabria knows she’s a very big deal.

“In the words of Jabria on the most video that has accumulated almost 19M views,  she said, ‘I’m TikTok famous, and that’s on period, pooh.'” 


are you smarter than a preschooler pt 25😂

♬ original sound – La’Ron®🤴🏽🎤

Fans of the series will be thrilled to hear that Hines absolutely plans to continue creating it, so long as people keep loving it.

“My prayer is that I can turn my TikTok show into a real television show,” he added.

We’d love to see that, too.

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