Larray dissed half of TikTok in a new song — and people are loving it

We haven’t seen so many people dissed within four minutes since Michael Scott’s infamous “The Office” roast.

TikTok star Larray, whose real name is Lawrence Merrit, just released a controversial new song called “Canceled,” in which he called out a number of popular influencers for bad (or just suspicious) behavior.

“I just want to apologize in advance for this. I am so sorry that you had to hear this,” he said in the first line of the song.

The creators he mentioned include Bryce Hall, Jeffree Star, Griffin Johnson, Nikita Dragun, Shane Dawson, Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, Tony Lopez, Nessa Barrett, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, Charli D’Amelio, Thomas Petrou, Lil Huddy, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Ethan and Grayson Dolan and David Dobrik.

For the most part, he insults his friends in jest. For example, he said Tana Mongeau gets canceled “every 5 to 7 business days,” and poked fun at David Dobrik’s habit of giving away Teslas. Many of the people he “disses,” such as Bryce Hall and James Charles, actually appear in the video.

On the other hand, though, he brought up the fact that Jeffree Star had been accused of using the n-word, and mentioned allegations of inappropriate behavior that had been leveled against Tony Lopez.

Fans, for the most part, were thrilled with the song.

“I’m not going to lie but Larray – Canceled song is actually good I’m obsessed with the song and the part when he said ‘don’t want this smoke but Charli had a vape’ was GOOD,” one Twitter user wrote.


“Nobody was safe from the Larray diss track,” an Instagram user wrote.

Boom, roasted.

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