Lash lifting procedure shows how much eyelashes can change someone’s face

Twin sisters Selina and Seyhan are the eyebrow perfecting experts behind Browtiful Bremen in Germany.

The pair specializes in lash and brow lifting procedures. Curious prospective customers and the beauty-obsessed will get a kick out of the Browtiful Bremen Instagram page, which is filled with videos and photos of before and after procedures — revealing just how much changing up brows and lashes can transform an entire face. 

One video shows how the experts complete their lash lifting method. Unlike fake lashes and lash extensions that can weaken lashes, lash lifting enhances the appearance of your own hairs without damage. 

First, a silicone mold or shield is applied onto the eyelid using a safe, non-toxic glue. Customers can choose from different mold shapes and sizes depending on what kind of curl they want. Then, a technician curls the lashes by shaping them over the upward curve of the mold. Glue is used to ensure the curl holds.

The lashes are then each separated for maximum effect. Once they adhere to the shield a perm solution is placed on the root of the lashes for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. The perm solution makes the hair softer and more malleable.

Next, technicians remove the perm solution and add the setting solution. This rehardens the hair and sets it in place. Finally, a conditioning solution or oil is applied to replenish the lashes. The end result is natural lashes that appear longer and thicker without mascara, falsies or extensions.  

Lash lifts last about six to eight weeks which is about the same time as a standard lash growth cycle. While they’re safe for most people, those with sensitivities or on eye medications should consult a technician first. 

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