Beauty brand Cholas y Chulas wants you to stop taking makeup so seriously

“Spending Power” is a series where we discuss trendy products from the young and diverse women entrepreneurs behind some of our favorite small businesses.

Some of the best products are the ones that encourage you to express yourself. Latinx-owned beauty brand Cholas y Chulas lets its customers do just that through its multi-functional makeup products. 

“So the name is a play on ‘naughty and nice,'” Cholas y Chulas founder Nydia Cisneros tells In The Know. “A Chola is hard, she has a lot of attitude, outspoken. She’s everything your mom tells you not to be. And then a Chula is what your mom wants you to be all the time.”

This intersection of identities is how Cisneros developed her beauty brand. Using this juxtaposition of hard and soft, Cholas y Chulas lets you play with either side, no matter what you may be feeling. 

“A chola is not necessarily bad, it’s just, like that person that you’re going to eventually grow up to be and feel more comfortable in,” Cisneros says.

Shop: Get Lit, $15.95

Credit: Cholas y Chulas

Cisneros explains that the makeup line isn’t meant to be intimidating. Throughout the collection, you’ll find a variety of glittery eye glazes, temporary tattoos, eyeliner and self-adhesive rhinestones. 

The Guerxs Kushy California Glaze, a multi-use color pigment, is one of the brand’s coolest products. It’s plant-based and made with hemp oil extract and Cisneros says that you can use it on your eyes or your lips.

Shop: Kushy California Glaze, $16.99

Credit: Cholas y Chulas

“You could actually put it on your lips as a base, and then just put a $0.99 lip gloss over it,” she explains. “It just gives you a three-dimensional lip color. If you put it on your cheekbones, it’s a great highlighter. It’s like holographic, but it works with all skin tones.”

Cisneros explains that the brand is for Latinx women, who according to WWD, spend more on beauty products than most other groups. Plus, the Cholas y Chulas brand stands as one of the few in beauty that represents Latina culture. 

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Credit: Cholas y Chulas

“I mean, we entered the market three years ago, when the Latina was still invisible, all we had was J Lo as a role model,” Cisneros says. “When we came to market, I wanted to bring to light just how diverse the Latina is.”

Cholas y Chulas is breaking beauty standards and helping Latinx women to embrace all sides of themselves.

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