50+ Latinx-owned brands to support today and every day

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In The Know is proud to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. During this month, our team will highlight a wide range of Latinx-owned brands. We encourage you to support today and beyond.

Latinx Heritage Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the rich culture and contributions of people from the Caribbean, South America, Mexico and beyond. From fashion and beauty to home and decor, Latinx folks are doing big things. There are countless Latinx-owned brands out there solving problems and creating products and services that change the way we shop and the way we live.

To honor Latinx Heritage Month, we compiled more than 50 Latinx-owned brands to shop and support this month and beyond. Whether you check out La Gotta’s stunning swimwear or Brazi Bites’ healthy snacks, you’re sure to find some new brands you’ll love below.

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787 Coffee

Founders: Sam Sepulveda and Brandon Pena

About the Brand: If you want to experience the difference that fresh, farm-grown coffee beans can make for your morning cup of joe, buy a bag of 787 Coffee. According to their website, the brand grows its “own coffee on our farm in the highest mountains of Maricao, Puerto Rico.” It’s then packaged and sold straight to you for ultimate freshness and deliciousness.

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo

Founder: Anthony Thomas Melillo

About the Brand: If you live in soft, comfy tees and loungewear, then ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo needs to be on your radar. The brand’s founder, Anthony Thomas Melillo, hails from South America and created his collection back in 2012. The brand’s signature piece is its “perfect T-shirt,” but it also offers lots of other comfortable essentials like sweaters and joggers for both men and women. You can shop ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo directly on the brand’s website or at Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s.


Founder: Rea Ann Silva

About the Brand: Rea Ann Silva founded the Latinx-owned beauty brand Beautyblender back in 2003, and it’s since become a household name. Known primarily for its eponymous pink makeup sponge, the brand also sells cleansers, foundation, highlighter, finishing spray and more.

Bésame Cosmetics

Founder: Gabriela Hernandez

About the Brand: Inspired by her grandmother’s glamorous beauty routine, Gabriela Hernandez started Bésame Cosmetics in 2004. The Latinx-owned beauty brand specializes in highly pigmented makeup products that have a little bit of a vintage, retro flair. Among the brand’s best sellers are the Classic Color Lipstick and the Crimson Creme Rouge.

Bomba Curls

Founder: Lulu Cordero

About the Brand: Created by Afro-Dominicana Lulu Cordero, Bomba Curls is all about celebrating natural curls. When Cordero herself was suffering from severe traction alopecia, she wanted a solution to naturally help promote hair growth. Each hair care product is made with natural ingredients and is inspired by the Dominican beauty secrets passed down by generations of women. For your own curls, try the Dominican Forbidden Oil to smooth your hair or the Bomba Beauty Bites that promote hair growth.

Read more about Bomba Curls here.

Botánika Beauty

Founders: Ada Rojas and Aisha Ceballos-Crump

About the Brand: Botánika Beauty is a hair care line made for Latinas by Latinas. Its mission is to represent all hair types in the Latinx community with a range of masks and special treatments. The company’s name actually comes from the word “botanica,” which is a place traditionally known in Hispanic communities to sell folk medicines and herbs. Each product from Botánika Beauty contains some of these healing herbs to nourish your hair and your body.

Read more about Botánika Beauty here.

Brazi Bites

Founder: Junea Rocha

About the Brand: Founder Junea Rocha took her family’s recipe for traditional Brazilian cheese bread mainstream when she created Brazi Bites. The naturally gluten-free, undeniably delicious treat was featured on Shark Tank back in 2015 and has been a runaway success ever since. In addition to the original cheese bread, the brand now also sells empanadas. Shop the brand’s yummy snacks right on their website, or look for them in your local Whole Foods store.

Carolina Herrera

Founder: Carolina Herrera

About the Brand: Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan American fashion designer who has dressed the likes of Jacqueline Onassis and Michelle Obama. While she offers luxury, ready-to-wear clothing on her website, her eponymous brand also sells accessories, shoes, jewelry and leather goods.


Founder: Cristina Rose-Guizar

About the Brand: Centinelle is a California-based, BIPOC, woman-owned slow fashion brand that creates artwork illustrations on scarves, homeware, loungewear and hair accessories. The brand’s founder, Cristina Rose-Guizar, illustrates her artwork by drawing on influences from her Mexican heritage, Northern California roots, obsession with Japan (their words), love for animals and the simple pleasures of life.


Founder: Carina Santoyo

About the Brand: Taking inspiration from travel and nature, Carina Santoyo partners with local artisans to curate the items you’ll find at Ceremonia. Everything on the website is handmade in small batches using natural and locally sourced materials. If you’re looking for truly unique home decor or fashion accessories, this is a brand you’ll definitely want to check out.


Founder: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

About the Brand: What started as a modern space for self-care in New York City has evolved into a full-blown lifestyle brand committed to a “chiller world.” Founded by Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Chillhouse offers treatments for your skin, body and nails in their SoHo salon, but you can also shop chill merch (like graphic sweatshirts and candles) on the brand’s website.

Read more about Chillhouse here.

El Machete

Founder: Oscar Ochoa

About the Brand: Need some new condiments to add to your pantry? Check out El Machete. Founded by Oscar Ochoa, this LA-based brand makes handcrafted chilli sauces and spicy-hot condiments. Not only are these sauces super delicious on everything from eggs to meats, but the packaging is really cool, too.

Eva + Avo

Founders: Sonia Guzmán and Ana Brenda Contreras

About the Brand: Founded by Sonia Guzmán and Ana Brenda Contreras, Eva + Avo is a hair care brand that harnesses the power of natural ingredients. Many of their powerhouse products are made with naturally nourishing ingredients like avocado (hence the brand name!), rosemary and cocoa. Not only can you purchase Eva + Avo products individually, but you can also buy bundles like the popular Shampoo + Conditioner Duo.

Flor de Maria

Founder: Flor de Maria Rivera

About the Brand: Flor de Maria Rivera (the founder) was born in Peru and migrated with her family to the United States at the age of 14. Rivera decided to launch her footwear brand, Flor De Maria, after she spent years on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. Today, you can shop a mix of sandals, pumps, mules and boots on the website.

Flor de María

Founder: William Zitser

About the Brand: Chocolate that tastes good and gives you a sense of calm? Yes, please! Founded by William Zitser, Flor de María sells 12 different fine chocolate bars that are all infused with 120mg of CBD. Shoppers can choose from delicious flavors like Amagansett Sea Salt & Nibs and Ghost Pepper Caramel.

Gabriela Hearst

Founder: Gabriela Hearst

About the Brand: Born and raised on her family ranch in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst now designs high-end, luxury, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories sold at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Her handbags are especially covetable; they are produced in limited quantities and only available by special order. 

Hello Updo

Founder: Magdaline Hurtado

About the Brand: Women with textured hair already go through enough to keep up appearances in the workplace. Thankfully, there are brands like Hello Updo that offer stylish, practical solutions. Their game-changing hair accessories are just what thick-haired naturals need to keep coarse, curly tresses out of their faces.

Read more about Hello Updo here.

Isabella Springmuhl Tejada

Founder: Isabella Springmuhl Tejada

About the Brand: Isabella Springmuhl Tejada is a Guatemalan fashion designer. She has had her work showcased around the world, including at the International Fashion Showcase of London Fashion Week in 2016. That same year, she was voted onto the BBC’s 100 Women list.

JLo Beauty

Founder: Jennifer Lopez

About the Brand: Fans had been asking for a JLo Beauty collection for years, and in January 2021, the famed singer and actress finally obliged. The Latinx-owned beauty brand includes skin care products that feature a proprietary ingredient, the JLo Beauty Olive Complex. It’s clinically shown to make your skin look smoother, plumper and more glowy. You can shop JLo Beauty on the brand’s website, at Sephora and on Amazon.

Read more about JLo Beauty here.

Joanna Vargas

Founder: Joanna Vargas

About the Brand: After 20 years in the business, licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas launched her namesake skin care brand built on the philosophy that everyone can and should have great skin. Skin care influencers and fanatics rave about the Latinx-owned brand’s wide range of clean products that deliver noticeable results. Some popular Joanna Vargas picks include the Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer, the Magic Glow Wand and the Daily Serum.

Johanna Ortiz

Founder: Johanna Ortiz

About the Brand: Latin American fashion designer Johanna Ortiz is known for her vacation-ready clothes and accessories. She has famously collaborated with H&M, and her luxury designs are sold at Neiman Marcus, Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue and more.

La Boticá

Founder: Dawn Marie West

About the Brand: Calling all candle lovers! La Boticá is the NYC-based candle brand from Dawn Marie West. Pulling inspiration from her fine art photography background and Afro-Dominican and African American culture, West’s candles are beautifully scented and artfully designed. The La Boticá collection also includes body lotions and perfumes.

La Gotta

Founder: Valeria del Rey

About the Brand: La Gotta is on a mission to redefine the swimwear narrative, one outfit at a time. Each swimsuit is designed to enhance one’s beauty through creative designs. The brand’s goal is to cultivate one-of-a-kind sustainable pieces that express female individuality.

Lights Lacquer

Founder: Kathleen Fuentes

About the Brand: With each shade carefully curated by its in-house team, Lights Lacquer focuses on the fun that comes with nail polish and beautifying one’s hands (and feet). The brand is also “7-Free,” free from toxic chemicals used in many other nail polishes on the market.


Founder: Desirée Velázquez Rodríguez

About the Brand: Honor yourself and your bath routine with these artisanal soaps that are sustainably and ethically sourced as well as cruelty-free. For an added touch, each product from Lilasuds is made from scratch in small batches and comes in biodegradable packaging.

LLamaLand Organics

Founders: Lisa and Ismael Petrozzi

About the Brand: Looking to give mealtime a makeover? Then check out LLamaLand Organics’ tasty cereals and spreads. All of the brand’s products are 100% organic, plant-based and non-GMO, so you can feed your family good food that’s also good for them.

Loisa Seasoning

Founders: Kenny Luna and Scott Hattis

About the Brand: Ditch Goya’s Sazón and Adobo seasonings and instead reach for Loisa’s better-for-you options. The Latinx-owned spice and seasoning brand was founded by Kenny Luna and Scott Hattis, both with ties to the Caribbean and Latin America. The brand’s mission is to provide “better quality Latin foods made from only real ingredients.” Shop the brand’s best-selling sofrito, adobo and sazón, as well as spices like Spanish saffron and smoked paprika.

Luna Sundara

Founder: Sandra Manay

About the Brand: Luna Sundara was created “to empower Latin American artisans by showcasing their unique craft to the U.S. market.” The Latinx-owned home brand offers everything from Palo Santo and incense to beautiful home decor.

Mandana Blvd.

Founders: Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh

About the Brand: Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh founded Mandana Blvd. after struggling to find vintage home decor at prices they could afford. Today, the Latinx-founded brand has filled this space in the industry with its vintage, bohemian and mid-century-themed pieces that have a story behind them. Mandana Blvd. now offers beautiful kitchenware, unique pillows and other home essentials.

Melt Cosmetics

Founders: Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar

About the Brand: First-generation Mexican American Lora Arellano co-founded Melt Cosmetics alongside talented makeup artist Dana Bomar in 2012. Since then, the Latinx-owned brand has garnered a reputation for its heavily pigmented makeup products that come in bold shades. Some popular Melt Cosmetics products include the Iluminación Highlighter and the Cali Dream Blush.

Miss Rizos

Founder: Carolina Contreras

About the Brand: Miss Rizos, a Dominican-founded salon, initially started as a blog to give advice to readers in Spanish about their natural hair. When the salon opened, it became a socially impactful space to educate other Afro-Latinas on their natural curls. The salon specializes in curls without the use of toxic chemicals or heat. Additionally, Miss Rizos carries its own merch, like its “Yo Amo Mi Pajón” tote.

Read more about Miss Rizos here.

Monica Sordo

Founder: Monica Sordo

About the Brand: To say Monica Sordo’s jewelry is like wearable art is not an exaggeration. Each piece is stunning, taking inspiration from the many places the designer has spent time. Born in Venezuela, having worked in New York City and traveled throughout Perú, Sordo’s designs are timeless treasures you’ll love and admire for years to come.

Nancy Gonzalez

Founder: Nancy Gonzalez

About the Brand: Nancy Gonzalez is a Colombian-born handbag designer that debuted her first collection in the United States in 1998. Her beautiful pieces utilize vibrant colors and exotic materials such as calfskin and crocodile. Shoppers can purchase her bags on the brand’s website or at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Narciso Rodriguez

Founder: Narciso Rodriguez

About the Brand: Known for elevated styles and sleek silhouettes, Narciso Rodriguez rose to prominence after designing the wedding dress that Carolyn Bessette wore for her marriage to John F. Kennedy, Jr. Today, the brand is worn by the fashion elite, including politicians, celebrities and global influencers.


Founder: Giselle Chirinos

About the Brand: Overt Skincare, founded by Giselle Chirinos, is the perfect blend of philanthropic goals and high-quality products. The Latinx-owned skin care brand aims to be transparent, effective and charitable. Also, it’s easy to shop, as the brand exclusively carries serums. As an admirable bonus, the products are made with recyclable materials, and 10% of profits go to charity. By far, Overt’s Hydrator serum is one of its best-selling products to date.

Pepa Pombo

Founder: Pepa Pombo

About the Brand: When it comes to stunning knitwear, Pepa Pombo never misses. Founded by Colombian designer Pepa Pombo, the brand is a bright and colorful collection of sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits and more for women, plus coordinating miniature designs for little girls.


Founder: Farah Vargas

About the Brand: In 2018, Farah Vargas launched her beauty brand, Pinkness, with just one product, and it quickly became a cult favorite. To this day, skin care mavens and real women alike swear by the brand’s Forever Flawless Beauty Oil, which gives skin a flawless glow. Be sure to keep an eye out for what Vargas does next; she’s teased that more products are on the way.


Founder: Maritza Abreu

About the Brand: Originally a passed down Dominican family recipePisqueya salsa picante is now a full-blown business run by Maritza Abreu, who is keeping her family’s tradition alive. Abreu’s goal is to share Latin and Caribbean flavors with the world, and she is doing so through Pisqueya’s online shop, which offers high-quality, natural sauces and features three varieties of hot sauce.

Read more about Pisqueya here.

Port de Bras

Founder: Clarissa Egaña

About the Brand: Port de Bras is the definition of athleisure with style. The brand specializes in everything from bodysuits to crop tops, jumpsuits and jackets that help make working out a lot less stressful and a lot more chic. In addition to buying pieces directly from the brand, you can also shop Port de Bras at Saks Fifth Avenue, Carbon 38 and Neiman Marcus.

Proenza Schouler

Founders: Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough

About the Brand: Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough met at Parsons School of Design in New York, and their senior thesis project became Proenza Schouler’s first collection. The luxury, Latinx-founded womenswear brand has won five CFDA awards for its designs.

Rare Beauty

Founder: Selena Gomez

About the Brand: Actress and singer Selena Gomez founded her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, in 2020. The Latinx-owned beauty brand features an inclusive shade range and accessible packaging. Some popular Rare Beauty products include the Melting Blush and Weightless Foundation.

Read more about Rare Beauty here.

Rizos Curls

Founder: Julissa Prado

About the Brand: Like so many people with curly hair, Julissa Prado went through many phases on the way to embracing her crown. The search for products that worked well with her hair texture ultimately led her to create Rizos Curls, a Latinx-owned beauty brand that creates products to help people achieve “defined, bouncy, shiny, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls.”

Silvia Tcherassi

Founder: Silvia Tcherassi

About the Brand: Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi was a known trailblazer in Latin American couture and made the historic switch from interior design to fashion. She became the first Latin American designer to be invited to Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. All of her designs are made in Colombia, with a specific concentration on sustainability. The Latinx-owned fashion brand’s motto is “effortless elegance.” Shop her designs on silviatcherassi.com or at Moda Operandi.

Shocks of Love

Founder: Juan Felipe

About the Brand: Given his background as a certified aromatherapist, it should come as no surprise that Juan Felipe’s Shocks of Love fragrances have taken shoppers by storm. The self-taught perfumer creates captivating scents that are “vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic.” Additionally, all Shocks of Love perfumes are “100% alcohol-free, fully breathable and face and skin-friendly.”

Sigma Beauty

Founders: Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho

About the Brand: Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, a scientist and an engineer of Brazilian descent, founded Sigma Beauty in 2009. In just a few years, the brand became the premier destination for makeup brushes, faux eyelashes and high-quality makeup. Today, Sigma Beauty remains a staple in many people’s makeup kits, with the brand’s Essential Trio Brush Set being one of its best-selling products to date.


Founder: Ana Goldseker

About the Brand: If coffee isn’t cutting it for you anymore, consider switching to tea. SoulMaté, founded by Ana Goldseker, is a Yerba tea company that creates special blends using organic, fair trade, ecologically-farmed yerba mate from Argentina. The teas promise health benefits like relaxation and energy boosts.

Tata Harper

Founder: Tata Harper

About the Brand: Colombia-born Tata Harper launched her namesake skin care brand in 2007 with one goal in mind: to help people find natural beauty products that worked. Today, Tata Harper is a leader in the plant-based skin care space, offering powerful, supercharged formulas packed with raw botanicals. The Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence and the Regenerating Cleanser are two of the Latinx-owned beauty brand’s best-selling products.

Tropical Depression

Founder: Roy Delgado

About the Brand: Roy Delgado, a self-taught artist originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, founded Tropical Depression to reflect on his time living in the Caribbean region. He is inspired by the architecture, art and nature of the islands, and most of his pieces are wall hangings that feature unique shapes and textures. The Latinx-owned home decor brand currently has a small assortment of pieces that complement any interior aesthetic.

Tropical Vices

Founder: Greysh Collazo

About the Brand: Tropical Vices was founded by Greysh Collazo, a Puerto Rican entrepreneur. The brand sells affordable jewelry pieces, including bracelets, rings and necklaces, as well as jewelry organizers and hair accessories. Shop layering-friendly pieces like the Golden Initial Choker or the Zodiac Signs Necklace.

Vivid Vidal

Founder: Stephanie Vidal

About the Brand: When your walls need a splash of color, head over to Stephanie Vidal’s Etsy shop, Vivid Vidal. There you’ll find beautiful, handmade museum-quality art pieces to add to your living space.

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Founder: Maria Cornejo

About the Brand: Zero + Maria Cornejo is a Latinx-owned fashion brand designed and made in New York. The brand is known for its modern yet timeless designs and is sold at more than 70 stores worldwide, including Bergdorf Goodman and 11 Honoré.

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