5 latte art TikToks that will inspire you to get fancy with your coffee

Who knew that preparing coffee could be so beautiful? From hearts to flowers to a brave young wizard, latte art is genuinely worthy of its name. Espresso and steamed milk provide the perfect backdrop for designs in coffee shops all over. And now, thanks to TikTok and at-home espresso machines, it’s easier than ever to make your own designs. Here are five latte art ideas that range in difficulty but are all equally impressive. 

1. Chain of hearts latte art

TikTok user Dallmayr_de (@dallmayr_de) offers an assortment of latte art tutorials, and this one featuring a string-of-hearts formation to the tune of Fleetwood Mac is especially blissful. The coffee connoisseur decorates the finished latte with tiny spoon droplets of extra steamed milk. After forming a cluster of polka dots, they use a fine blade and gently swirl the knife’s tip through the middle of each dot. The result is a charming formation of sweethearts. 

2. Designer latte art

Logomania is one hot trend, as evidenced by this latte. TikTok user Vicki Rutwind (@vickirutwind) puts the designer in her latte design. Using a plastic stencil, Rutwind fashions the latte with a Gucci logo adorned in cinnamon. That’ll be $5,000, please.

3. Slow heart latte art tutorial

TikTok user Morgan Eckroth (@morgandrinkscoffee) is bringing their barista skills to the (very) small screen. Known for their latte art talents and tutorials, Eckroth can rock an espresso machine like it’s a third arm. Especially in this video, where they show viewers how to make a classic heart design using the perfect balance of cup placement and pour angles.

4. Chocolate caramel coconut delight latte art

This decadent latte from TikTok user tvoyabariska00 (@tvoyabariska00) is perfect for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. From the chocolate-covered coconut rim of the cup to the caramel and chocolate houndstooth center design, this latte is almost too pretty to drink.

5. Harry Potter latte art


ハリー・ポッター描きました!☺️ #harrypotter #latteart

♬ Finger Dance – 🌈TAERI🌈

TikTok user LATTEART (@hot_hitoiki) makes magic with coffee. Especially with this latte featuring Harry Potter. While the design may be more challenging for beginner baristas, all coffee lovers can appreciate its spell.

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